holyjs HolyJS 2019 Мск (08.11.2019 — 09.11.2019)

i18n the principles for an accessible web


How to make the web accessible by people of all ages and races speaking different languages.

The main goal of the talk is to show how to make the web accessible by all people of all ages, from all races speaking different languages, because i18n should be part of a11y.

The JS land in the browser does not offer an API that promotes the MessageFormat. This means that a big percentage of developers writes their contents in English just because is the easiest way to be global, or they end up using a library that does the job of i18n and l10n for them.

The talk will show how a unique API can make the web more accessible and enhance the development experience.

Main Topics:

  • actual i18n, l10n landscape in web (Node, Android, iOS);

  • actual developer experience;

  • how many libraries exist to solve this problem and how they try to solve them;

  • we need Intl.MessageFormat?

  • how many people know from actual Intl. API’s that solves some of these issues. (code samples of API);

  • the future (impact that Intl.messageFormat would have in Javascript);

  • scaling Intl.MessageFormat/ICU to be cross-platform.

Комментарий программного комитета:

Представитель TC39 раскроет тему интернационализации. Проблема актуальна для многих разработчиков и поэтому имеет много решений. У вас есть шанс узнать про то, какие варианты есть сейчас, и в каком виде эту проблему собираются решать средствами нового API в самом JavaScript.