devoops DevOops 2019 (29.10.2019 — 30.10.2019)

Adapting your infrastructure to go multi-*


In this talk Eric will clarify challenges that come with going Multi-*, and how to tackle with them.

The world is going Multi-* ; Multi-Cloud, Multi-Platform and Multi-Service. Where traditionally the Cloud is something for small organizations, this is rapidly changing, with more and more large organizations adopting Cloud. With this move to Cloud, both the platform and application architecture is changing, bringing with it a whole host of new challenges.

In this talk we will take a look at the challenges that come with going Multi-* , and how to tackle these challenges. We will then show how you can create a Multi-Cloud, Multi-Platform environment and connect them together to create a "flat world" view of your environment.

Комментарий программного комитета:

Облачно-инфраструктурный эксперт из HashiСorp расскажет, как добавить больше облаков и инфраструктуры в ваше микросервисное и как потом со всем этим жить.