jokerconf Joker 2018 (19.10.2018 — 20.10.2018)

Multi Device Controls — a different approach to UX with Gluon, JavaFX and Polymer


A session about a research project with the goal to use mobile touch enabled devices to input data into desktop software (e.g. JavaFX, HTML5).

Комментарий Программного комитета:

Спикер IoT, java FX мастер, гуру десктопного программирования. Java Champion (Rock Star).

Everybody knows boring form-based user interfaces. What if one would add mobile devices to improve the UX of desktop- or web-applications? In a research project at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Northwestern Switzerland, we have tried to address this topic in a totally different way.

Usually, you would expect to rework the UI and make it fancier, but here the idea is to enhance controls in a way that they can be remotely controlled by a mobile device. As an example, you can think about a text input field that gets the focus and the actual data input is done on a mobile phone.

Different approaches will be shown, from a complete JavaFX based approach using Gluon to a combination of Swift on a mobile device and Polymer on the browser.