Ruslan Nikolaev


Лаборатория Касперского rusnikola

Ruslan Nikolaev completed a Ph.D. in Computer Science at Virginia Tech, the USA in 2013. His Ph.D. advisor was Prof. Godmar Back. His Ph.D. dissertation was "Design and Implementation of the VirtuOS Operating System." He published research papers at various conference venues, including SOSP, VEE, PPoPP, PODC, and DISC.

Ruslan Nikolaev previously had Software Engineer internships with Microsoft and VMware, worked full time as a Software Engineer with Microsoft, and as a Senior Software Engineer with Pure Storage.

He presently holds the position of a Research Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech, Electrical, and Computer Engineering Department, where he works at Systems Software Research Group (SSRG), led by Prof. Binoy Ravindran. He currently mentors four Ph.D. students and works on different projects in systems and concurrency.