Hydra 2020 (06.07.2020 — 09.07.2020)

img Multithreading in UI application: When some threads are more equal than others

img Programming language memory models: Problems, solutions, and directions

img Paxos vs Raft: Have we reached consensus on distributed consensus?

img CRDTs: The hard parts

img Oak: A scalable off-heap allocated key-value map

img Efficient and reliable microservices

img Safe user-level sharing of memory-mapped resources

img Interview and Q&A with Alex Petrov

img Wait-free memory reclamation and data structures

img Transactional memory

img Designing distributed systems with TLA+

img Interview and Q&A with Cindy Sridharan

img Erasure Coding at Scale

img Synchronization primitives can be faster with SegmentQueueSynchronizer

img HTAP made live — from the engineering perspective

img Distributed and concurrent optimization for machine learning

img Scaling distributed ledgers: Achieving arbitrary throughput and sub-second latency

img Demystifying Bitcoin

img New locks for the old kernel

img Tissue vs silicone musings on the future of deep learning hardware and software

img Redundancy does not imply fault tolerance: Analysis of distributed storage reactions to single errors and corruptions

img Debugging data races

img Java threads are losing weight, performance review of Project Loom

img Extending PostgreSQL to Google Spanner architecture

Hydra 2019 (11.07.2019 — 12.07.2019)

img The Azul Hardware Transactional Memory experience

img Weak memory concurrency in C/C++11

img Не все ML-алгоритмы попадают в распределенный рай

img Liberating distributed consensus

img Go scheduler: Implementing language with lightweight concurrency

img Reduce your storage costs with Transient Replication and Cheap Quorums

img Accelerating distributed graph analysis by means of probabilistic sketches (and not only them)

img Structured concurrency

img Yandex Database — как мы обеспечиваем отказоустойчивость

img Blockchains and the future of distributed computing

img Syncing data across user devices for distributed collaboration

img Q & A

img Lin-Check: Testing concurrent data structures in Java

img Wait-free data structures and wait-free transactions

img Распределенные транзакции в YDB

img The H2O distributed K/V algorithm

img The cost of distributed transactions between arbitrary databases

img Dual data structures