mobius Mobius 2017 SPb (21.04.2017 — 22.04.2017)

Appium: Automation for Apps


The talk is about writing cross-platform native-mobile, hybrid, and web application UI automation using Appium.

The tools and practices refined over the last decade by web developers have not crossed over easily into the mobile community. Mobile devs have been without tools like continuous integration and automated testing, which enable delivery of high-quality apps more rapidly. A key piece of the solution for mobile is Appium, an open-source, cross-platform, language-agnostic mobile automation framework you can use to write automated UI tests for Android and iOS apps (native, hybrid, web), to be run on emulators or devices. In this talk Dan along with an audience will explore the philosophy that underlies the work behind Appium, including the open-source nature of Appium’s diverse, active and friendly community. Then, after a brief explanation of the technology that powers Appium, Dan will move into the technical portion of the talk, where attendees will see easy it is to write Appium scripts using the WebDriver protocol in their favorite language.