jbreak JBreak 2017 (04.04.2017 — 04.04.2017)

Java 9 Modules. Why not OSGi?


Java 9 Modules vs. OSGi comparison.

Modules inevitably appear in Java 9. Someone is little worried about, someone is scared, someone genuinely perplexed: why, we have OSGi more than 15 years that solves exactly the same problems as Java 9 modules?

In this season, we will attempt to understand what problems OSGi tries to solve, how it solves them and if it solves them actually.

Then we will understand what problems Jigsaw does not solve that OSGi tries to solve, and why, and what problems are solved in Jigsaw and how. Finally, we will talk about what problems Jigsaw brings to the Java ecosystem and what we have to do with them.