jbreak JBreak 2017 (04.04.2017 — 04.04.2017)

Devops: now Java is not slow


Introducing DevOps to infrastructure projects: how to support tecnhology stack made by yourself, psychological nuances, differences from the main development.

Java is a very convenient, fast and modern platform. But lots of people just don’t know that. In the times of rapidly evolving platform such as Golang and Node.js it can seem like Java is lagging behind — being one of the dinosaurs that are heavy, slow and (what’s especially important) difficult to maintain.

That impression is caused in huge part not by technical problems of Java itself but by managing the infrastructure in ways that are antiquated and incompatible with modern times. Let’s use the convenience of working on a specific computer as an analogy: the CPU speed won’t help if the monitor is dim and the mouse slips.

This talk shows that DevOps helps not only to improve Mean Time To Repair, but also to keep the project healthy in general. It’s about not just saying to admin "set up an application server for me". Maybe it needs not just to be set up, but to be written.