jbreak JBreak 2017 (04.04.2017 — 04.04.2017)

The Splendors and Miseries of the Distributed Streams


Viktor will talk about Stream API implementations (OSS and commercial), revealing inner details of one in particular — Hazelcast Jet.

Java 8 introduced the Stream API — a modern, functional, and very powerful tool for performing bulk operations on collections of data. One of the main benefits of the Stream API is that it hides the details of iteration over the underlying data set, allowing for parallel processing within a single JVM, using a fork/join framework.

Viktor will talk about the Stream API implementations for the development of parallel distributed across many machines and many JVMs programs on top Java 8 Stream API.

You will learn how you can use the same API to process massive data sets across large clusters, which you already know how to do in a single JVM.

Viktor will review distributed implementations (OSS and commercial) of Java Stream API — Infinispan, Oracle Coherence, and Hazelcast Jet.

With an explanation of internals of the Hazelcast Jet implementation, he will give an introduction to the general design behind stream processing using DAG (directed acyclic graph), and how it provides in-memory performance while still leveraging industry-wide known frameworks as Java Streams API.