cpprussia C++ Russia 2021 (15.11.2021 — 18.11.2021)

EVE: A new, powerful open source C++20 SIMD library


Denis will tell you about the new C++ 20 library for working with SIMD — EVE and advise you on how to include it in your project.

EVE is the new C++20 library for working with SIMD. It supports most of the platforms like ARM (neon) and x86 (from sse2 to avx-512).

The advantages of EVE over its counterparts include:

  • a collection of STL-like algorithms with zip support for working with parallel arrays;

  • ARM support (most libraries are limited to x86);

  • a large set of mathematical functions.

EVE is free licensed and supported for production use.

The talk includes various demos of using the library, benchmarks, and tips for incorporating EVE into your project.