heisenbug Heisenbug 2021 Msc (05.10.2021 — 07.10.2021)

Loading the banks

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Financial organizations are actively developing performance testing. And so it will be interesting to compare approaches and technologies used in different teams. Vyacheslav (VTB) and Maxim (Tinkoff) will talk about their experiences with the bank.

Speakers will talk about how different teams test performance - what is common, what are the tricks. All aspects will be covered - from planning and workload profile to reports and responsibility for running tests:

  • Scheduling.

  • Load Profile.

  • Tools.

  • Test Bench.

  • Test data.

  • Testing on a product.

  • Types of tests.

  • CI/CD for the load.

  • Monitoring.

  • Logging.

  • Reports.

  • Who runs the tests.

  • Who maintains the tests.