jokerconf Joker 2016 (14.10.2016 — 15.10.2016)

What does Spark prepare?


How to make the machine learning work for you with the help MLlib? During the talk Kafka will be used as the data provider for DStream.

EN: Spark 2.0 was released and its API has been finally stabilized, unified and streamed. With this release we have an universal soldier, who speaks several languages (Java, Scala, R, Python) and does once a significant number of things. In this talk, Alexey will focus on how to make the machine learning work for you by using MLlib and how to use Kafka as a standard data provider for DStreams.

The talk for those who already has experience in BigData / Hadoop / Spark to 1.3, but wants to know more and vividly watches for new releases, hoping to drag them in production.

Also, the talk is a generalized response to a request of touch near real time, not just batch processing.