jokerconf Joker 2016 (14.10.2016 — 15.10.2016)

Why functional programming matters (for data scientist)?


Functional programming actually is all around (in data analysis).

Vitaly will tell about the reasons why a functional programming is becoming more popular and why its principles are being incorporated in many programming languages and technologies. He will also try to reveal why an understanding of this programming paradigm is crucial for big (and not so big) data analysis. Through various examples it will be clarified how functional languages are connected with such data processing technologies as Spark and Hadoop. The talk is for those developers who want to better understand a nature of this connection. The intended audience is not necessarily professional functional programmers but those who have heard about it and who want to realize where and how functional programming is used and what are advantages and disadvantages of its application to data mining. The presentation may also be useful for a data scientist who does not yet have serious programming experience but who wants to grasp data analysis techniques in a more comprehensive way.