mobius Mobius 2019 Msc (07.12.2019 — 08.12.2019)

Translation problems. Helping Xcode understand our code faster


How to get Xcode to build project quickly. Ilya will share his hacks and backstairs during this talk.

"Why are you building so long?!" — did you ever ask this question to the silent screen of Macbook with the Swift project open in Xcode? If you asked and more than one time and didn’t receive a full reply from Xcode than this talk will try to answer it.

The search will start from details of build system, go through the jungle of project settings and ocean of examples of Swift code and end with the philosophical question of for whom this code is written.

Ilya sincerely hopes that every developer regardless of experience will leave the talk with some new hacks to speed up the build.