mobius Mobius 2019 Msc (07.12.2019 — 08.12.2019)

Custom Lint Rules


The talk about Android Lint — it is a powerful static analysis tool and supports custom rules, which you can turn into your advantage.

The problem Igor’s team faced is coding conventions that not everyone follows. Compliance with some agreements can be monitored by existing tool (for example, code style), but there are a number of problems with no solutions for now.

Igor will show on example how you can write your rule for Android Lint on Kotlin.

The purpose of the talk: to convince the static analyzers are good, to show that writing your own rules for Lint isn’t hard and you can avoid frequent mistakes and time loss.

From this session you’ll know how to start using Android Lint, what options it has and how to use it for the benefit of the whole team.