mobius Mobius 2020 Msc (11.11.2020 — 14.11.2020)

Legacy: Maintain or refactor

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How to get out of the battle with legacy code with minimal losses? How can you keep your code clean and reduce maintenance costs? Sergey and Vladimir will tell you about it.

Legacy doesn’t have a single academic definition, but one thing remains unchanged and it takes up development resources. There’s no "silver bullet", a panacea that solves the legacy problems. Experience and luck usually help. And the experience of failure which tells you how not to do it. And luck in the form of random good decisions.

Unfortunately, gaining such experience is associated with real losses and a lot of good projects fell victim to the developer’s experience. In this talk, Sergey has systemized his rich experience of working with a legacy in various projects and Vladimir will share in detail the successful story of getting rid of the legacy project. This talk will be useful for developers who suffer from legacy and don’t know yet how to solve the problem.