mobius Mobius 2020 Msc (11.11.2020 — 14.11.2020)

WebSocket: How, when and how much it costs


There comes a time when you need to switch to WebSocket, and this talk will focus on them.

We are good at HTTP and often send REST submissions to the server. But applications are becoming more dynamic and the server wants to send us information about new events. It seems it’s time to switch to the WebSocket.

We’ll take to look at what WebSocket is and how it works. The better or worse HTTP and when you can do without long polling. What libraries exist. We will also discuss what needs to be added with pens, and what you should not forget to agree with the backend. Consider a classic implementation and implementation through Centrifuge. And in the end, let’s try to measure how expensive it will be for an application to work with an active socket.