mobius Mobius 2020 Msc (11.11.2020 — 14.11.2020)

(Rec) GDG Live: Declarative UI today

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Let’s decide which framework is better to use "in battle".

At the GDG Live meetup on October 29, Mikhail Emelyanov, together with Anna Zharkova (SwiftUI), Svetlana Krivosheeva (Flutter), Sergey Ryabov (Litho), and Anton Shilov (Jetpack Compose), we discussed the experience of using declarative frameworks in production. We talked about the differences between these frameworks and the status of their development. The speakers also talked about where to start when starting a new project, whether it is worth using "declarative in battle" at all. The experts shared the problems they encountered in projects when working with frameworks.

In the climax, we decided which framework is better in terms of performance!