heisenbug Heisenbug 2020 Msc (04.11.2020 — 07.11.2020)

Workshop: Exploring WebdriverIO (part 3)


Do you want to see WebdriverIO in practice? Come to Olexander Khotemsky’s workshop. Even if you already know how to work with this framework.

<p>The workshop is dedicated to WebdriverIO. This framework has an active community and is applicable for many applications: web, mobile, chromium-desktop apps.</p> <p>The workshop will be hosted by Olexander Khotemskyi. Olexander gained experience working with WebdriverIO in various projects. He is also an active contributor to the JavaScript testing community.</p> <p>This workshop is a condensed version of a 10-lesson course on Test Automation with WebdriverIO.</p> <p>We will start with a quick overview of the framework. During the workshop, you will explore various aspects of the framework in more detail. Even if you already have experience with WebdriverIO, the workshop will still be interesting, since in the process we will discuss many practical issues. For example, we will use TypeScript, consider the features of working with asynchronous code, set up a basic CI/CD, and run a test farm on Selenoid. Also, we will enable HTML reporting using Allure.</p> <p>Targeted audience:</p> <ul> <li>who wants to start automating in JavaScript;</li> <li>automators who want to try JS;</li> <li>JS automators.</li> </ul> <p>You will need Java, Git, Node.js (12.x), Chrome, and Visual Studio Code installed.

Basic programming knowledge (in any language) will be good.</p>