mobius Mobius 2020 SPb (22.06.2020 — 25.06.2020)

Launching typical Android client on multiplatform: The way of practiser (part 1)


Konstantin will talk about his experience of transferring GitFox to a multiplatform and the problems that he encountered while performing this task in JetBrains.

<p>Many of you probably know Konstantin’s Android client open source project for GitLab — GitFox.

Speaker often showed his ideas and architectural solutions on it, thanks to which many began to focus on him, started and refactored projects in their companies. While Konstantin worked at Redmadrobot new projects also adopted a lot of ideas from it.</p> <p>At JetBrains in the mobile multiplatform team, the speaker faced the challenge of transferring GitFox to a multiplatform. However, since this is not a synthetic "Hello World" but a real working project posted on a Google Play, Konstantin encountered several interesting tasks he would like to talk about. The main thing is that he managed to isolate all non-UI logic into a multiplatform SDK and now it can be used to build applications on other platforms.</p>