mobius Mobius 2020 SPb (22.06.2020 — 25.06.2020)

AppCode under the hood


Is it difficult to develop your IDE? What do you have to face when trying to integrate with the most unfriendly to foreign system interference? Is it difficult to maintain Swift? These and many other issues will be addressed in Aydar’s talk.

<p>Each developer sooner or later thinks about how his IDE is arranged. Features such as auto-completion, navigation to the declaration, syntax highlighting, search for call points no longer seem magic when you use them. But the development of these important features is challenging and exciting activity. Don’t forget that this is about supporting several languages at once. </p> <p>AppCode is an IDE for development under macOS and iOS with a very rich history and interesting technological solutions.

In this talk, you will find out what problems await you if you decide to write your development environment, how to solve some of them and what undocumented features of Xcode will help you in this difficult task.</p>