jokerconf Joker 2014 (20.10.2014 — 21.10.2014)

Unsafe Java World — Crossing the Borderline

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You never heard of sun.misc.Unsafe? You may be using it without realising it. Are you using Spring or Hibernate? 90% of todays applications use sun.misc.Unsafe directly or indirectly. Unsafe is meant to be an API internal to the JVM but since it turned out to be extremely powerful, more and more frameworks have used it.

This talk will show different usecases of sun.misc.Unsafe. Some are commonly used in production environments like fast Serialization, Offheap or to build lock-free algorithms, some not suitable for production but fun to play with breaking the rules of what you can do in Java.

After the talk you’ll understand what is possible and what might help you, but not to forget, this talk is given with a big warning: Don’t Try That At Home!