holyjs HolyJS 2020 SPb (22.06.2020 — 26.06.2020)

Tempus Fugit: A story of time


This is a talk about Temporal, an exciting and up-and-coming TC39 proposal for adding cool new functionality to the Date/Time handling operations in JavaScript.

<p>"They say time is money, but I don't remember going broke," – Ujjwal.</p> <p>Just like us, JavaScript is flawed. But most would agree that the Date-Time handling system in JavaScript is more flawed than anything else. In fact, it is so hard to use that not only do we have a flourishing ecosystem of 3rd party modules focussing on that area, just Moment and Luxon combined have over 50k stars on GitHub and Moment alone has close to 1m weekly downloads on npm. 1 MILLION.</p> <p>It is time to add proper Date-Time support to JavaScript. Ujjwal will be telling you about Temporal, a work-in-progress TC39 proposal that adds state-of-the-art builtins to JavaScript for handling Dates, Times, Calendars and more.</p> <p>By the end of the talk, you will know about the various problems in the space, how Temporal seeks to enable developers to solve them gracefully and get a fairly good idea about how to use the Temporal API in your JavaScript code, starting today.</p>