holyjs HolyJS 2020 SPb (22.06.2020 — 26.06.2020)

Webpack in the wildlife


Sergey will share his personal experience of transferring frontend to webpack and tell necessary knowledge you need to have during such a large-scale project.

<p>This is a story about how Sergey transferred Avito's frontend to a webpack. Avito's frontend is a large project with a lot of functionality on which many teams work. With such volumes of functionality, it's hard to update the entire build stack.</p> <p>Speaker will tell how he made webpack, PHP and Twig friends, how added extensions for Twig, compiled legacy code, what he did with the compile of a huge number of modules in node_modules, how he implemented dynamic entry points, worked on webpack for the project's tasks. Additionally, you will hear how webpack is built from the inside.</p>