techtrain TechTrain 2019 (24.08.2019 — 25.08.2019)

SOLID clean code by simple examples


This talk will be about clean code and SOLID principles as basic approaches to the development of reliable and extensible systems.

Software development is an extremely complicated and laborious process so it’s crucial to use approaches proven by time and practice. SOLID principles and the clean code are the simplest approaches but at the same time, the most useful that allows developing of the reliable and extensible systems in the long term.

Even the poorly-written code could work if it’s written according to syntax. If we take into account that we need to read code more often than write, the support of poorly-written becomes a nightmare. Clean code is the set of practices for writing readable code that is understandable not only for the author.

SOLID is an abbreviation of five principles in object-oriented programming — Single responsibility, Open-closed, Liskov substitution, Interface segregation и Dependency inversion. You need time to learn them, but if you’ll write code following these principles, the quality will increase and architecture will become more flexible and expandable.