techtrain TechTrain 2019 (24.08.2019 — 25.08.2019)

Space exploration lessons for developers


In this talk, Igor will narrate a few episodes from the history of space exploration and explain what software engineers should learn from them.

We have missed the "golden age" of the space exploration with its major successes and failures. But why did they happen? Igor Lukanin read a couple of books, went to Baikonur and Cape Canaveral, watched a couple of rocket launches and eventually understood something.

This talk will be about several episodes from the history of the space exploration: the tasks that confronted designers of spaceships and flight chiefs, their engineering decisions and tough consequences. During the talk, we will verticalize the rocket at the Gagarin’s Start, fail to reach the Moon four times, and send the greetings to the PayPal co-founder.

Igor believes that software engineers and team leaders can definitely learn from space scale mistakes and don’t repeat them.