techtrain TechTrain 2019 (24.08.2019 — 25.08.2019)

Spring Patterns


In this talk, Evgeny will show how with the help of spring you can easily and simply implement the most popular patterns that we encounter in everyday life.

How many design patterns do you know? 24? 36? 100+ And how many design patterns do you really use in your daily code? 3? 5? 10?

In this talk, Evgeny will show you the most common and daily spring usage for implementing design patterns which will make your code more clean, flexible and maintainable. We will not talk about patterns and concepts which already comes with spring and everybody knows, like factory, singleton and inversion of control. It will be patterns or technics which naturally can be implemented with spring, like chain of responsibility, strategy, command, lazy initialization, scala traits, AOP, proxy, decorator and more.