techtrain TechTrain 2019 (24.08.2019 — 25.08.2019)

Round table: RuNet isolation. The truth without fiction

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Thanks to incompetent media and bloggers, we all waiting for the day when Russia will be disconnected to the Internet. But we are engineers and want to understand the technical side of the issue. That’s why we will gather at the round table people who know how the network works, thanks to which it works and we will discuss what is the RuNet protection law in detail.

During the panel discussion we will think over the next questions:

  1. From what threat we should be protected, how real they are?

  2. Is it possible to simply turn off (technically) the Internet in any country from the inside or outside?

  3. If they still turn it off, what will break?

  4. What technical means are offered to protect the RuNet? How effective they are?

  5. How does all this affect the lives of ordinary people?

  6. Are there any similar laws?

Discussion participants: