techtrain TechTrain 2019 (24.08.2019 — 25.08.2019)

This is beneficial: why do we need more female programmers?


The talk is focused on how to attract more women to programming and IT sphere and what needs to be done to overcome gender prejudices.

A share of woman among programmers and IT specialists are much less than in the population. It means that a lot of women who could successfully work in that sphere didn’t come to it. Historical traditions lead to the fact that we didn’t get enough personnel.

The market of IT specialists is constantly growing and there is always a shortage of people. Several companies usually struggle for the strong specialist, salary and other compensations increase. In conclusion: all IT businesses are interested in having more specialists on the market. By attracting women on that market, you could increase it by 10, 20, 30% or even more. It means that if you’re not investing in attracting women, someone else will.

In this talk, Andrey tells about what in his opinion IT companies will do in this situation, how women will behave when their market share grows, and what should be done now to prepare for coming changes.