techtrain TechTrain 2019 (24.08.2019 — 25.08.2019)

Form a picture of the GraphQL world


Pavel will come up with the new topic from his GraphQL series of talks: there will be not only the simple explanation of the term but also a narration about what the server consists of, how to request data from it and why clients are needed.

What is GraphQL? Pavel will describe and show what GraphQL is by simple words, not like in the documentation.

Speaker will tell what parts of GraphQL server consist of. For what GraphQL is responsible and what has to be implemented by the backend developer itself. Pavel will show on a diagram where is GraphQL place along with REST and RPC.

Also, Pavel will demonstrate several ways to request data from GraphQL server.

There will also be information about why feature-packed GraphQL clients are needed. How they allow forming GraphQL requests without mistakes, how can cleverly send requests to the server, caching answers and work remotely? Once, after working with Relay and ApolloClient, you’ll remember Redux like a bad dream.

GraphQL is an ideal companion for the modern component approach and allows to take the development of client application to a new level.

People, who have already seen Pavel’s talks about GraphQL and is waiting for something new are asked not to be disappointed — the talk is aimed at newbies and skeptics, both for back-end and front-end developers.