heisenbug Heisenbug 2019 SPb (17.05.2019 — 18.05.2019)

Payments testing: How to avoid space mission to check a bulb

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Payments testing is always a complicated process due to variety of payment providers. This talk is devoted to approach applied in Badoo, which let us increase speed and quality of service delivery.

Viktar and Vladimir have a talk about payments testing method at Badoo. With this method, we improved the delivery speed of application testing keeping the quality of our products on the high level.

After 7 years of testing payments, Vladimir observed that the elegant idea to eliminate external dependencies of real systems can cause negative revenge feelings. De facto, it is a simple and easy way to avoid issues with unstable environment like payment sandbox.

After 10 years of automation, Viktar destroyed many unstable automated tests of payments. He integrated and applied on practice the method that allowed to keep tests fast and stable.

Our method, applied for testing Apple payments on iOS, can be used on any other platform and any payment system.