heisenbug Heisenbug 2019 SPb (17.05.2019 — 18.05.2019)

Changing your organization's testing culture


Lessons learned working to change testing culture in a Fortune 10 global auto manufacturing company.

How do you change the culture in your organization? One small step at a time.

Changing culture can be a very frustrating experience in any organization, especially in larger ones. Often software delivery team members feel powerless and unable to affect any change themselves — but it’s possible!

This talk centers around Jim’s work changing the testing culture in a Fortune 10 company. You’ll learn practical approaches that can help you change culture in your own organizations regardless of size. You’ll learn about clarifying your ideas, finding advocates, understanding how to influence business goals, and other hands-on approaches. You’ll also learn about the many abject failures Jim suffered and some ideas on how to avoid them.

Changing culture may seem an impossible task, but it’s possible! Join this talk and learn how!