dotnext DotNext 2019 SPb (15.05.2019 — 16.05.2019)

Quantum computing with Q# language


Introduction into quantum computing: what it is, what it’s used for, perspectives and problems in the area. In addition, Q# language introduction: all elements required for the independent experiments.

The main goal of the talk is an introduction into the quantum computing area. Alexander will explain the current stare of QC, explain reasons (not) to dive into it, demonstrate basic elements of the used notations and Q# language. Superposition, entanglement, the great fail of the quantum parallelism — you will see by yourself how easy it is.

If you are bored on a parallel talk — you are welcome. If a parallel talk is too hard for you — you are welcome. If the parallel talk is a bit far from your area of interest — you are welcome. Finally, if you are curious, interested in new IT areas, but didn’t have enough time to learn QC — you are welcome.