cpprussia C++ Russia 2019 SPb (31.10.2019 — 01.11.2019)

BareMetal C++


Karina will show and talk about the features of writing and building of C++ code with limited resources and the absence of the compiler.

The purpose of the talk is to show the aspects of writing and C++ code building on practice in conditions of limited resources and absence of C/C++ RTL compiler.

Targeted audience: programmers interested in restrictions imposed by bare metal environment, people, who want to understand the internal features and use of stl library in situation of absence of C/C++ runtime, dynamic allocations and exceptions. Also, for embedded developers, who choose C code over C++. The talk implies a description of practical decision in bare metal environment, which can be reproduced by listeners.

From Karina’s talk listeners will learn:

  1. About upcoming in standard C++ freestanding proposal.

  2. About writing a minimum binding to launch code in a bare metal environment and further experiments.

  3. About using the parts of stl frameworks that are not planned in a freestanding proposal, on example of std::string and writing of custom allocator with lack of MMU.