cpprussia C++ Russia 2019 SPb (31.10.2019 — 01.11.2019)

How we switched to vcpkg


The talk will be dedicated to the vcpkg and its pros and cons. We will consider these flaws and fix them, and our vcpkg system will be more competitive than Conan.

We will get to know vcpkg, look at its pros and cons, understand how to work its integration with MSbuild (also see how it’s done in Conan). Based on this knowledge we will analyze a scenario that allowed our projects to migrate from monorepo using some little-known features of vcpkg. Also, we will see the opportunities of versioning and using different versions of libraries (something that vcpkg doesn’t know) and we will design a scenario of migrating and installing frameworks that compete with Conan and works better in some places.