mobius Mobius 2018 Msc (08.12.2018 — 09.12.2018)

Performance analytics: Why and how?


We’re going to talk about how performance analysis can help you understand problems you didn’t even know about.

It often happens that advertisement is going, new users come, but don’t stay for long. We change design, switch buttons, swamp users with pushes, correct monetization, but we never learn that users just can’t bear to wait till the application is loaded. What can help us to recognize this kind of situation as well as many others? It’s application performance analysis.

In this talk, we’ll cover the following questions: why we should implement performance metrics, how to choose the right metric, which tools we could use and what typical mistakes can skew the results.

We’ll give examples of technical details for iOS, but our talk can also give Android developers some food for thought.