holyjs HolyJS 2018 Msc (24.11.2018 — 25.11.2018)

Building GraphQL Server


GraphQL is not a database — it’s a new standard for highly comfortable API, which is now taking over from REST API. In this talk we’ll discuss GraphQL on back end. You will learn what is necessary to launch GraphQL Server, how to build schemes and do authorization, and dwell on safety and problems that may appear.

REST API was good for its time, as well as Swagger. But nowadays everybody talks about component approach, so in 2018 back-end developers should really take a look at GraphQL. In fact, it’s a new standard of super comfortable API for front-end developers and their component approach. But front-end developers' meat could become poison for unprepared back-end developers.

In this talk we’ll discuss things that back-end developers should pay attention to. Which parts GraphQL Server consists of — there are lots of packages in the internet, so it would be good to know what we should install and, more importantly, why. What is schema and how to write it for the whole thing to work. We’ll talk about authorization, about how to write a simple ACL. We’ll address the issues of performance and safety. We’ll delve into file loading, schema generation, documentation, and see if all is good with the API versioning.

This talk will be useful for junior, middle and senior developers alike, whether you are already using GraphQL or just sizing up this promising technology.