devoops DevOops 2019 SPb (29.10.2019 — 30.10.2019)

The final story about operators


During this session Fedor will share the experience of Elastic Cloud Storage team, the accepted philosophy and use-case of using operators for building Kubernetes-native applications on the Pravega-Operator example.

Kubernetes has changed the approach to the way containerized applications are operated. Operators are Kubernetes-way of automation and creating new primitives. But if we consider Kubernetes as a framework for development, operators are an opportunity for developers to create a "control system", which can make the framework operation as autonomous and feasible for end-users as possible.

In the talk, Fedor will share the experience of the Elastic Cloud Storage team, its philosophy and use-cases of using Operators to build Kubernetes-native applications on the example of Pravega-Operator.

During this session, speaker wants to draw the final line in conversations about what operators are and what to do with them (write them).