devoops DevOops 2019 (29.10.2019 — 30.10.2019)

Service mesh for building multicluster systems


We will consider solutions for building a single system from several Kubernetes clusters.

Alexander will tell you how to build a transparent system discovery services for product developers with all features provided by service mesh technologies.

Targeted audience: software engineers, observability engineers, system administrators. This talk will be useful both to people who are building a platform and for developers who want to understand how platform "under the bonnet" works.

We will solve the problem of transparent discovery between several Kubernetes clusters and support various options for balancing intracluster traffic. Also, we will focus on work with several isolated clusters (mainly under Kubernetes), which can be located in several data centers. Alexander will also touch on features which can be used when setup is already configured (distributed tracing, routing, canary balancing).