jokerconf Joker 2018 (19.10.2018 — 20.10.2018)

Java 11 is here!


Learn all about the recent Java releases from 9 to 11.

Java 9 is out, Java 10 is out, even Java 11 is out already! Java 9 has a lot in stock beyond the module system, Java 10 comes with var (less typing, but still strongly typed), Java 11 promises a reactive HTTP client, and on the horizon looms pattern matching. In this talk you’ll learn about:

  • new language features like pattern matching, var, and private interface methods;

  • new APIs like stack walking and the reactive HTTP client;

  • the additions to existing APIs, like Stream and Optional;

  • other niceties like multi-release JARs and performance improvements.

After this talk you will be prepared to get started with Java 9, 10, and 11.