jokerconf Joker 2019 (25.10.2019 — 26.10.2019)

Reactive Spring revisited

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Reactive programming is at the beginning of its journey. Long and Hoeller will be your guides to the world of Spring Framework and Spring Boot and will show how to build reactive microservices.

The reactive revolution continues. For as much as we’ve been talking about reactive programming in Spring for the last few years, the journey has only just begun. Join Josh Long and Juergen Hoeller for a live coding session around Spring Framework 5.2 and Spring Boot 2.2, looking at how to build reactive microservices for next-generation cloud architectures. Some of the things we may cover include:

  • reactive NoSQL data access;

  • reactive SQL data access with R2DBC;

  • orchestration and reliability patterns like client-side load balancing, circuit breakers, and hedging;

  • messaging and service integration with Apache Kafka or RSocket;

  • API gateways with Spring Cloud Gateway and patterns like rate limiting;

  • API adapters;

  • serverless programming with Spring Cloud Function and project Riff;

  • reactive authentication and authorization with Spring Security.