Bingsheng Ru



Bingsheng Ru currently serves as technical lead for QE-infrastructure team in Engineering Productivity Org at eBay COOE. He has served as Senior Test Architect for Hewlett-Packard Software R&D Center, Senior Technical Lead for Alcatel-Lucent and Principal Test Engineer for Cisco.

He has more than 12 years of experience in software testing and development. He has extensive experience in test framework design and automation testing. He was responsible for establishing test infrastructure and automation test solutions for large-scale e-commerce websites, building continuous integration ecosystem, leading SDK test framework design for financial platform products, building white-box testing solutions for system development platforms and establishing automation testing and performance testing for several large e-commerce websites.

Also, he has published several testing technical papers in international and domestic academic journals, and served as a judge of the Asian region of the "Software Test World Cup". In China, he was invited to give a speech at many top software testing and quality conferences, such as Arch Summit, GITC, TiD and MTSC, etc.