Program committee


C++ Russia

Sergey Platonov C developer, organizer of C Siberia.

Alexey Veselovsky Senior C++ developer at Align Technology. Alexey is engaged in the development of common system components and the framework of the specialized 3D CAD system.

Pavel Filonov For more than 5 years Pavel is developing software in the IT security area. For more than 3 years he is actively using data analysis methods to develop and implement machine learning techniques in IT security.

Anton Naumovich Senior manager in SolarWinds company. Organizer of C++ community CoreHard and QA community COMAQA.

Anastasia Kazakova As a C and C++ software developer, Anastasia Kazakova created real-time nix-based systems and pushed them to production for 8 years. She worked as an intern in Microsoft Research, Networking department, and launched the first 4G network in Russia being a part of the Yota operator team.