Richard Lander


Microsoft runfaster2000

Richard Lander is a Principal Program Manager on the .NET Core team at Microsoft. He works on making .NET Core work great in memory-limited Docker containers, on ARM hardware like the Raspberry Pi, and enabling GPIO programming and IoT scenarios. He is part of the design team that defines new .NET runtime capabilities and features. Richard helps teams at Microsoft establish successful open source communities on GitHub, adopting the patterns used by the .NET team. He also writes extensively for the .NET blog. Richard reported for work at Microsoft in 2000, having just graduated from the University of Waterloo (Canada) with an Honours English degree, with intensive study areas in Computer Science and SGML/XML Markup Languages. In his spare time, he swims, bikes and runs and participates in a few local races each year. He enjoys British rock and Doctor Who. He grew up in Canada and New Zealand.