Mobius 2021 SPb (13.04.2021 — 16.04.2021)

img Introduction to Apple Metal

img How Kotlin develops features using coroutines and inline classes as an example

img How to rewrite app from scratch and fail

img The functionality of shooting spherical panoramas in the mobile application from A to Prod. Developing, implementing and using

img Graphics optimization on Metal

img Kotlin Multiplatform Advanced. Making common DI for iOS and Android

img A/V Sync in Android. How it works

img How to monitor the speed and health of applications and sleep well

img Reduce app size on practice

img Flutter for TV or how to make apps for SmartTV platforms

img Pimp my Gradle

img So, you have chosen UDF architecture. How to model the state?

img How to rewrite the network layer so that you don't have to rewrite it

img Jetpack Compose for Desktop: Making UI is simple and pleasant

img Workshop. Pose recognition: Kamasutra with CameraX

img Yandex Go prepares Backend Driven UI

img Make widget great again

img Workshop. Flutter app: Telegram on minimal

img How we make Yandex.Maps for Android: DI

img Developer-tutor. Should you teach?

img Installs tracking on iOS without heuristics and AdvertisementID

img Generating cross-platform analytics

img img UI tests in your project, or The little engine that could

img img Making life better with custom DevTools: Story of Facebook and Flipper

img Development on Kotlin/Native and Swift: New technologies and their internals

img img Round table. Cleaning Flutter from "vanilla". How we searched for and found the architectural Grail

img I created you and I will cancel you. Understanding how to work with coroutine cancellations

img How not to write a pirate ship instead of a frigate and vice versa

img Kotlin Multiplatform Driven Development

img Optimization of Android apps: ProGuard, D8, R8. The secrets of obfuscation.

img img Kotlin Adoption at Scale

Mobius 2020 Msc (11.11.2020 — 14.11.2020)

img img How Yandex "super app" was created

img Scaling and scale: SberBank Online

img Coroutine exception handling

img Roasted bird: Preparing Flutter for industrial use

img iOS background modes. Apply and tame in practice

img Fun life in notification bar

img Absolute modularization

img Common unit testing mistakes

img img img img (Rec) GDG Live: Declarative UI today

img SwiftUI — live coding declarative UI

img Flutter — live coding declarative UI

img Jetpack Compose — live coding declarative UI

img Module programming. How not to hurt yourself

img How to write code that won't age

img img img Panel discussion. Declarative UI live coding

img img Launch on the Huawei market, or how we have adapted the application for work with HMS

img Migrating a payment terminal from Linux to Android

img Flutter under the hood

img img Influencing the "hands-free" test environment

img Embedded Android applications

img Kotlin multiplatform in mobile Yandex.Maps from the position of an iOS developer

img WebSocket: How, when and how much it costs

img Badass data source: Offline-mode in a few lines of code

img img img img Panel discussion. 2021 modularization

img A thorny road of SPM implementation

img Difficulties in developing a client for iOS cloud storage

img Workshop: Let's plugin a bit more

img Workshop. Flutter Zero LiveShow: For beginners, professionals and novice professionals

img "Mobius is not the same!" — answering the most frequent questions from participants

img img Legacy: Maintain or refactor

img gRPC in iOS applications. REST in peace?

img Workshop: Let's plugin a bit more (part 2)

img Jetpack Compose for UI consistency in your applications

Mobius 2020 SPb (22.06.2020 — 25.06.2020)

img Panel discussion. Work from home 2020: What's happened to us?

img Launching typical Android client on multiplatform: The way of practiser (part 1)

img GraphQL: "Mischievous" advice. Why we need a GraphQL when there is the REST?

img Hacking and embedding your code in a foreign application

img Facebook Flipper для отладки мобильных приложений.

img Android-команда ПСБ

img Interview and Q&A with Ben Weiss

img Launching typical Android client on multiplatform: The way of practiser (part 2)

img Evaluation of the mobile project: How not to scare the client and not going down the tube

img Modern approach to UI

img Panel discussion. WWDC 2020: Fresh news

img Declarative UI frameworks evolution: From dinosaurs to Jetpack Compose

img Firebase is not only PUSH messages

img Make <your app> talk

img img Сбербанк ID: Подключить за 60 секунд

img iOS-команда ПСБ

img Modern Android development

img Office plugin

img Experimentation at scale: Fuel your application’s growth through A/B testing

img Application optimization on the slow network

img img Panel discussion. My colleagues are disastrous developers

img Speed up with Accelerate: C++ code optimizing experience

img Developing a library for mobile applications

img Flutter and a million lines of native code

img img Путь от iOS 1.1.3 к iOS 14: Как развиваться в одной компании. Опыт мобильных разработчиков Сбербанка и Okko

img Workshop. Crossplatform ² — let's make Flutter and Kotlin Multiplatform friends

img AppCode under the hood

img Profiling in production

img Mobile search

img Migrating to React Native: A long-term retrospective

img img Jetpack Compose over inheritance

img ABI Stability strikes back

img Kotlin compiler extension magic

img Interview with Petr Kozlov

img Interview with Petr Kozlov

img Interview with Nikolay Ashanin

img Grow me if you can

img Bazel for Android developers

img How is development for Apple TV differs from development for iOS on the example of a real project

img How much Android is in Oculus?

img img Landing your next gig

Mobius 2019 Msc (07.12.2019 — 08.12.2019)

img img A Spectre postmortem

img Performance chat development. Badoo experience

img Experience in choosing cross-platform technology for fast application development

img From Four Wheels to Two: Lyft's engineering principals for fast paced product development

img How to become a developer that everyone wants in their team?

img Debug without sources

img Design for errors — an introduction to Domain modelling with a bit of Arrow

img How does the VKontakte message screen render

img Flutter State Management Wars. BLoC vs Redux

img Dark corners of iOS Auto-renewable Subscriptions

img Litho: Best Practices for building efficient UI

img It's easy: Local attacks on mobile applications

img iOS multithreading

img How to win friends and influence people, on mobile

img Custom Lint Rules

img Yandex.Drive interface development

img Building a Realtime video processor with Swift and Metal

img Gradle from A to Z

img UIScrollView mechanics

img Isolation of E2E test infrastructure or "Soil yourself"

img Smart photo editor architecture

img Text rendering in Android

img Mutation Testing at Scale

img Screen state modeling

img UI Automator deep diving

img Life hacks working with Google Play Store and App Store Connect tech support

img Efficient Kotlin

img Translation problems. Helping Xcode understand our code faster

img "Non-mobile" Androids review: TV, Wear, Auto & Things

img How to sell yourself for fun and profit

Mobius 2019 SPb (22.05.2019 — 23.05.2019)

img Empathy in IT: How to use your human nature rationally

img img Testing by design

img Native data serialisation in iOS

img Restructuring mobile development in an enterprise

img Reactive errors, or Retry dialog in one line of code

img Deep diving into the Kotlin Coroutines API

img 50 hours in an hour: Scaling autotests in iOS

img Gradle pipeline optimisation: Beyond basics

img Working with networks effectively

img AppCraft: Faster than a speeding release train

img 640K ought to be enough for anyone

img Peace and harmony: Android and neural networks

img Accessibility for iOS: Doing well by doing good

img The art of intentionality

img Automated testing of mobile apps in the cloud

img DDD in mobile development

img Scaling architecture at Lyft

img Fantastic plugins and where to find them

img Audio session in IOS: How to synchronize audio streams

img Implementing messages cache in VK

img Tools for protecting your users' data

img Everything about collaborative access in mobile apps

img img How to start writing autotests without losing one's mind

img Beyond Xcode

img Building your own IoT assistant

img Multiplatform projects in Kotlin 1.3

img Coroutining Android apps

img Mastering Auto Layout for iOS applications

img Smarter mobile interface design patterns

Mobius 2018 Msc (08.12.2018 — 09.12.2018)

img Fast and beautiful: Modern image delivery techniques

img The lord of the modules

img Things I wish I knew when I started building Android libraries — Vol. 2

img Core Bluetooth is not that scary, or how to improve user experience with little effort

img Android builds at Lyft

img Android in terminals and corporate gadgets: Our experience of building COSU architecture

img Implementing UI in iOS: Better. Faster. And it scales!

img Squeeze your Swift: how to write safer, smarter code by constraining associated types, protocols, generics, and extensions

img Using Kotlin to share code between Android and iOS

img Sign me

img Make mobile apps fast again

img Dependency injection with Koin

img Advanced live streaming

img Kotlin puzzlers, Vol. 2

img Compilers. Dalvik. ART. And everything in between

img Performance analytics: Why and how?

img Monorepo: The journey back. History of modularization at Badoo

img How to cache information in an Android application and not to shoot yourself in the leg

img Mobile VR: From idea to release

img Architectural approach to errors handling

img Android: He protec, but he also attac

img Flutter — how to make a beautiful app in an hour?

img img Video streaming and playback over bare sockets and codecs

img G(PU) force

img Flux architecture in an iOS project

img Mobile architecture at scale

img How to cook a well done MVI for Android

img SceneKit in use

img How modularity changed not only our code, but also the whole process

img One app, 200+ developers: practices and tools

img Project Treble: a lifelong technical debt

img Testing to extremes: Dirty little tricks from the dark corners of mobile UIs

Mobius 2018 SPb (20.04.2018 — 21.04.2018)

img Trusting iOS SDKs

img Profiling via examples: looking for a bottleneck

img Forget RxJava: Kotlin coroutine is all you need

img Building voice responsive apps on iOS

img img Multiplatform architecture with Kotlin for iOS and Android

img A hard-fought road to JobScheduler and back

img img Layers of testing in iOS applications

img Birth, life and death, or What happens to your app in Android

img "Recognizing Private Ryan": offline face recognition on a mobile device

img Upload in Odnoklassniki social network

img Services: to live with and without

img A/B testing we're gonna love

img How to fit a million stars into an iPhone

img On the shoulders of giants: languages Kotlin learned from

img Multi-module architecture of a project

img Dependency manager is not just cURL

img Add some reality to your app with ArCore

img Decreasing build time: Kapt and other adventures

img Reverse engineering mobile apps: how, why, and what now?

img img How to cook your app in Playgrounds

img Data-driven UI: unlimited power

img Total recall: Autofill Framework and Account Transfer API

img What mom never told you about multithreading

img Actor models: a fresh look at an old approach

img img Fintech lessons: the basics of mobile app security

img Introduction to AOSP, or Android building that takes all night

img Mobile apps releases in Avito

img Augmented reality in Yandex Maps

img Microservice architecture for Android multimedia device

img The epic battle: iOS vs. Android

Mobius 2017 Msc (11.11.2017)

img Void of the Legacy: The strategy of drastic improvements in a software project

img Data Binding in a Kotlin world

img Mastering GPU engineering in one hour

img Messenger inside out, or How to make a messenger in a mobile iOS app

img Android meets Docker

img Universal links — tons of pitfalls

img Life in offline mode: from chaos to consensus

img How I started to hate ORM

img Decipher the encoding

img Designing UI — let's make it right

img Crash reports Android NDK

img Instant Apps: how to teach an app to work without installing

img Designing a service layer with compound operations

img Make your gadget talk: Google Assistant

img A friend in need – a JS indeed

img Application size optimization

img Writing Java-friendly Kotlin code

img TensorFlow for mobile devs

img How to develop a feature on your own and not get fired

Mobius 2017 SPb (21.04.2017 — 22.04.2017)

img Mobile First…​

img React Native: Survival Guide

img You've been told lies about Fragments — Custom Views were everything you always needed

img iOS app development process: from an idea to the result

img May the Code Review be with you

img Kotlin all the…​ tests!

img IPC: AIDL is sexy, not a curse

img img Deep dive into Clean Architecture

img Writing Swift code with great testability

img img VIP scalable architecture for React Native

img img Comparing DI frameworks & internals

img Spherical video in Android: 50 shades darker

img Startup time optimization for iOS applications

img Hidden mysteries behind big mobile codebases

img Mutation Testing: how good your tests are

img img Kotlin Puzzlers

img img Modern approach to Android app architecture: RxJava, Kotlin, MVVM

img The Mysterious Swift Performance

img Marvel of Annotation Preprocessing in Java

img Code generation from A to Z

img How to achieve 60fps UI rendering on iOS

img The horror of mobile graphics

img Cicerone - Navigation in MVP without pain

img Year of the Xamarin.Forms

img Swift Scripting in Practice

img ConstraintLayout all the things!

img The energy saving mode, iBeacon and MFi

img Measuring UX in an iOS app

img Let's think architecture through

img Writing truly testable code

img Toothpick: a fresh approach to Dependency Injection on Android

img MVP — typical tasks and approaches to solving them in Moxy

img Appium: Automation for Apps

img Analyze this

img How to turn your app into a product

Mobius 2016 SPb (04.06.2016)

img #UXMatters

img Hot news from Google i/o 2016

img Typhoon Explained

img Features of the implementation of the «Feature toggle» approach on iOS

img Speed ​​is quality!

img img Material Design in practice

img About Fresco and how to cook it, as well as about pictures in Android in general

img Android TV Game Development

img The Art of Rx

img Reactive MVVM

img Typography on iOS

img Latest security features in iOS and Android

img Dive into Android Multimedia

img Applied ReactiveCocoa

img Kotlin Android Apps: Why It's Good

img Advanced Swift Generics - move to < T >

img Let's write the code that is being tested

img Leaning Tower of Pisa of mobile development

img Bytecode weaving 101

img Experience in developing a Cardboard application for 3D medical data reconstruction

img Realm and Data binding

img Scala for Android: myth or reality?

img img Mobile Application Development with Xamarin and MvvmCross

Mobius 2015 SPb (03.04.2015)

img Jet engine for your Android application

img Chromecast, or why is this the best way to spend 30€

img Android Geo Apps: In Soviet Russia, latitude and longitude are looking for YOU!

img img img img img img Mobile security roundtable: engineering challenges 2015

img How to teach robots to play games?

img 50 shades of SmartTV mobile application development

img Mobile app development for global brands

img Divide and rule

img Cross-platform game design

img Comfortable development of mobile projects

img What is and what is not worth doing to protect data of iOS applications

img img Everything that you wanted to know about game animation, but were afraid to google

img Bug shall not pass

img Mobile threats: defend yourself!

img iBeacon technology in payment solutions

img img Mobile analytics

img King’s new dress: Applying the hardware capabilities of modern processors to create a secure Android environment

img Rapid development of cross-platform games and applications on the Corona SDK

img SmartWatches development: Apple WatchKit, Android Wear, and TizenOS

img Full root: Practical tips for surviving Android and iOS apps in untrusted environments

img Couchbase lite - NoSQL for mobile platforms

Mobius 2014 SPb (14.03.2014)

img How the banking software for mobile platforms works

img Mobile app security fears and misconceptions

img What is a mobile browser capable of?

img img Protection from the dark arts, or How to protect your Android application from threats

img Preparing Android

img Cross-platform development in C#/.Net with the Xamarin platform

img img img High-speed mobile client development in AndroidStudio and AppCode

img Why do we use Cordova/PhoneGap?

img Kotlin for Android: short and clear

img Tizen operating system for developer

img "Zoo" tools for mobile development

img In-App Purchases: 7 App stores in 30 Minutes

img Oracle ADF Mobile: Fast Business Mobilization