JPoint 2021 (13.04.2021 — 17.04.2021)

img Test code quality is not just nice-to-have

img CRIU and Java opportunities and challenges

img Restoring lost expertise of service

img Dismantling technical debt and hubris

img The DGS framework by Netflix GraphQL for Spring Boot made easy

img Adding generational support to Shenandoah GC

img Reading from Cassandra — internals and performance

img About Scala 3

img Reactive Spring

img Getting the most from modern Java

img Performance: Nuances vs obviousness

img Multi-step refactorings in IntelliJ IDEA

img Why user-mode threads are (often) the right answer

img Babashka: A native Clojure interpreter for scripting

img Spring Cloud in Kubernetes era

img img Enum in API — The deceit of illusory simplicity

img Inner loop development with Spring Boot on Kubernetes

img img GC optimizations you never knew existed

img How we built a high-performance Akka system from scratch: Gentleman's set and pitfalls

img img Workshop: Pair programming

img Type inference: Friend or foe?

img img Jakarta EE 9 and beyond

img You can go your way: Kafka without Zookeeper

img img Workshop: Pair programming (part 2)

img IntelliJ productivity tips — The secrets of the fastest developers on Earth

img Real World JFR: Experiences building and deploying a continuous profiler at scale

img What languages are IDE-friendly?

img img Workshop: Build Bomberman with RSocket

img What is a Working Product and how to make it

img Why you should upgrade your Java for containers

img Java Records for the intrigued

img img Workshop: Build Bomberman with RSocket (part 2)

img Spring Data Postroitel' (Spark it!)

img Spring Data Postroitel' (Spark it!) (part 2)

JPoint 2020 (29.06.2020 — 03.07.2020)

img Interview and Q&A with James Gosling

img Cryptography for a Java programmer

img Micronaut deep dive

img Safepoint — let the whole world wait

img ML и AI: Как сейчас выглядит разработка решений в крупных компаниях

img Как не испортить своего джуна

img Финансовое low latency-приложение на Java и Akka

img img Внедрение open source-решений на примере Альфа-Банка

img Interview and Q&A with Joel Spolsky

img Path from functional programming to object oriented programming

img Precomputed data access with Micronaut Data

img How we write Space on Kotlin

img Interview and Q&A with Ted Neward

img From cozy Java to brutal Native code or There and Back Again

img A Java developer's quest for productivity

img When it all went to Kafka 2: Disperse producers

img Рассчитать платежную комиссию? Что может быть проще!

img Ни дня без спорта или немного про SMLab

img Интервью: Технологии и работа в ТехЦентре Дойче Банка

img Разработка электронных кошельков

img Интервью: Наши практики и подходы

img How to develop a successful Kubernetes native application using Quarkus

img Ignoring fashion trends with Jakarta EE and MicroProfile

img Polyglot done right with GraalVM

img Increasing file I/O performance for JVM on Linux

img Elasticsearch internals

img Microservices made easy with MicroProfile OpenJ9 Open Liberty and OpenShift

img Ah, these strings

img Contract testing: Should or shouldn't?

img Game of Streams: How to tame & get the most from your messaging platforms

img img Внедрение open source-решений на примере М.Видео

img Инженерные практики в банковской сфере

img Bootiful Kotlin

img Fear and loathing in Scala and Kotlin interop

img Writes in Cassandra — internals and performance

img The art of code

img A few more small optimizations

img assert! thou comprehensive word…​

img Writing a Java library with better experience

img Feature evolution in Java 13 and beyond

img img Прыжок в online: Как выдержать высокую нагрузку и скорость изменений

img Использование GraphQL при построении банковских API

img How to develop a successful Kubernetes Native application using Quarkus

img Interview and Q&A with Aleksey Shipilev

img Dynamic Constants — oxymoron or promising JVM feature?

img Life beyond Java 8

img Intel Optane DC and Java: Lessons learned in practice

img img Grow your employer in a coronavirus, or how to make sure that you're not fired in crisis

img Building microservices with Helidon

img What the hell is service mesh anyway!?

img Зачем дата сайентисту знать Scala, а Java-программисту ML

img img Внедрение open source-решений на примере Одноклассников

img Valhalla is coming

img RSocket to bring the next generation of Service Mesh

JPoint 2019 (05.04.2019 — 06.04.2019)

img The world needs full-stack craftsmen

img Software testing pitfalls

img JDK 12: Pitfalls for the unwary

img Create your own interpreter with a JIT in 1 hour

img RSocket — future reactive application protocol

img Reactive programming: lessons learned

img Pushing a big project forward: the Jenkins story

img The Proxy fairy and the magic of Spring

img Don't put all your eggs in one container

img Bulletproof Java Enterprise applications for the hard production life

img A tale of how we did channel algorithm in Kotlin Coroutines

img Maximizing performance with GraalVM (talk + workshop)

img Performance aspects of Axon-based CQRS/ES systems

img Spring comes ahead of time, or Unbearable lightness of AOT compilation of the Spring Boot applications

img Lost in transaction? Strategies to manage consistency in distributed systems

img Don't be Homer Simpson to your Reactor!

img Anatomy and physiology of Vaadin Flow

img img Reactive, or not reactive: that is the question

img Improve Java build performance with Gradle 5

img Java microservices: from Netflix OSS to Kubernetes

img Java 11 reactive HTTP Client

img Playing God: Has science crossed a line?

img JVM TI: how to create a "plugin" for a virtual machine

img Local variable type inference: Friend or foe?

img Cloud native, service-meshed Java Enterprise with Istio

img Kotlin: how do usual constructions work

img Metacompilation, partial evaluation, the Futamura projections, and how GraalVM will save the world

img Decomposing Java applications

img Kotlin/Native: why make a native language in 2019? What is beyond JVM?

img Kafka Streams API: Moving beyond Hello World

img Atomic refactoring in IntelliJ IDEA: Bending IDE to our will

img When it all went to Kafka

img Fast & functional

img img Let's make some 0xCAFEBABE — test-driven bytecode engineering

img Moving Spring Boot microservices from Java 8 to Java 11: what can possibly go wrong?

img Do it yourself: Collections

img Java is slow: CodeCache edition

img The definite guide to Java agents

img How to unravel the tangle: Analyzing and debugging apps in IntelliJ IDEA

img Efficient file-based IO for Java developers

img Seamless web services development with Mu

img What do I do with 1000s cores. Lessons learnt building an agent-based modelling system

img Making sense out of serverless computing

JPoint 2018 (06.04.2018 — 07.04.2018)

img Spring Framework 5.0 on JDK 8 & 9

img img Kafka Streams and Firehose API helping to fight "Russian Hackers"™

img Ruining enterprise app performance with ineffective code

img The Eclipse OpenJ9 JVM: a deep dive!

img Idiomatic Kotlin: from formatting till DSL

img Hardware transactional memory in Java

img How to implement an internal JVM profiler that works well with AOT-compiled code?

img Camel microservices with Spring Boot and Kubernetes

img Nuances of machine learning with Spark ML

img Program analysis: are you a good developer?

img Building scalable, back pressured services with Akka

img Diving into Internet of Things with Java 9

img Refactoring your code to Java 9 modules

img Wishing for something strange — Java web UI for desktop applications

img ReadyNow — an "AOT" with profiling for Java

img Kotlin DSL: theory and practice

img Big data in modern biology

img img Boot yourself, Spring is coming (Part 1)

img A "smart" release of a multimodule project with a single click

img Deep dive into the Eclipse OpenJ9 GC technologies

img Apache Kafka's "exactly once" semantics analysis

img img Boot yourself, Spring is coming (Part 2)

img From monolith to microservices

img Extreme scaling with Alibaba JDK

img Kotlin coroutines

img Designing for modularity with Java modules

img Reactive programming with Vert.x

img Profiling to within microseconds and processor instructions

img On the shoulders of giants: languages Kotlin learned from

img Spring Boot and Xtend: black magic session with exposure

img A​ ​craftsman’s​ ​guide​ ​to​ ​designing​ ​a​ ​clean architecture

img Graal, Value Types, Loom and other perks: what it is and why you need it

img Linux container performance tools for JVM applications

img Java EE 8 finally final! And now Jakarta EE?

img Spring Framework 5: feature highlights and hidden gems

img VMStructs: how an application may benefit from knowing JVM internals

img Typical problems in software development at a large scale

img img The adventures of Senior Holmes and Junior Watson in a software development world

JPoint 2017 (07.04.2017 — 08.04.2017)

img Performance: What's In It For You?

img img Java Puzzlers NG S02: Down the Rabbit Hole

img More Than You Want to Know about Java's String

img Architectural crossroads

img Where is my service, dude?

img Divide, Distribute and Conquer: Stream v. Batch

img How to find deadlock, not hitting it

img Devops: now Java is not slow

img Fast and Safe Production Monitoring of JVM Applications with BPF Magic

img img The art of JVM profiling

img “Computer, how my cluster is doing?” and other magic spells

img Scalability in distributed in-memory systems

img Brainstorming a Clean, Pragmatic Architecture

img Spring — Deep and not-so-deep dive

img Microservices and Modularity or the difference between treatment and cure!

img Programming language implementation for a tariff system

img Application Performance Monitoring: comparison, issues and solutions

img The collective responsibility problem

img img The Curse of Spring Test

img Package your Java Application using Docker and Kubernetes

img Java byte-code verification: when, how, or maybe to turn it off?

img Future of Kotlin: Strategy and tactics

img Shenandoah: The Garbage Collector That Could

img Hidden complexity of a routine task: presenting table data in user interface

img Development of modern distributed systems: problems and solutions

img Struggle for performance in Intellij IDEA

img Hibernate performance tuning

img CRDT. Resolve conflicts better than Cassandra

img Through the keyhole of hashCode into VM

img Full-Text Search Explained

img Deploy your microservice using Amazon Web Services S3, API Gateway, Lambda and Couchbase

img Java Annotations Are a Big Mistake

img Handling with Spark what Kafka is streaming

img Code vectorization in JVM

img Performance engineering story: How Oracle optimized HTTP/2 client

img Java inspections in IntelliJ IDEA: What can go wrong?

img DataWars. The Bloody Enterprise strikes back

img Analyzing HotSpot Crashes

img Going Native: Foreign Functions on the JVM

img img Kotlin Puzzlers

JPoint 2016 Student Day (24.04.2016)

img img img The missing link in programmer training

img Multithreaded programming - theory and practice

img Object Oriented Lies

img Distribute and conquer: an introduction to distributed systems

img img JVM: a short course in general anatomy

img Java Security. From A to Z

img Refactoring your legacy code for better maintainability

img img Tool build battle - Maven vs Gradle

img Bytecode for the curious

img Java on Elbrus

img Inadequate Java interview

img Functional Reactive Programming in Java/JS

img What can an Open Source student give. Squeezing maximum pleasure and benefits

img The web application I dreamed about

img Kotlin for JVM: simple, clear, safe

img How can a budding Java developer make friends with his database?

img Black mark, StampedLock and his friends. How not to violate the pirate code

JPoint 2016 (22.04.2016 — 23.04.2016)

img img img img img img High fashion news, or Looking for the silver bullet

img What you need to know about logging to a pragmatic Java programmer

img (Almost) non-blocking synchronization

img Monads - an abstraction or a crutch?

img Hotspot and AOT: It's time to compile

img Unobvious Generics

img How to Apply Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning to Real Time Processing

img HotSpot Intrinsics

img Oh, the cat ran: Compilation and performance of the code on Kotlin

img Distributed systems in Odnoklassniki

img A saga about how Java developers should test their applications

img Hadoop Jungle: a world of wild algorithms and poisonous JVMs

img Escape analysis and scalarization

img img img Build tool battle - Maven vs Gradle vs SBT

img Native code, off-heap data and Java

img Well, the performance of your opensource!

img If not Unsafe, then who: the rise of VarHandles

img Microservices and Containers in the Middleware World

img Myths about Spark or whether a regular Java developer can use Spark

img img Your personal Spring Boot Starter

img Bring up your monkey

img img img img img img «Razbor Polotov» Live!

img Man and instincts: how programmed are we?

img It works - do not touch! Or why did we redo the whole architecture again

img JCache and Distributed Caches: Mayhem!

img Quantum Performance Effects II: Beyond the Core

img Analytics with Spark and Cassandra

img img New Sberbank Platform: from idea to replication. Inside look

img Stream API oddities

img Fear and loathing in distributed systems

img How to make a profiler from sticks …​ and other improvised tools

img Java 8 support in Excelsior JET

img Anatomy of a distributed Data Grid with Apache Ignite

img img img Java 8 Puzzlers

img Deeper than stack traces, wider than hip dumps

img Types: war of strict with soft …​ and why?

img img Expand your boundaries with Gradle

img img IMDG as the main repository - remember everything!

img Wait for your happiness without blocking!

img img Solving the full stack problem, live!

img ORM is a shame

img img 11 Friends of the Internet of Things

img img img Development of a client module for the largest back-office system on the grid

img The Lord of the Strings: Two Scours

img High performance and fault tolerant architecture

img Clean up after yourself!

img 1,2, 314, 271.. SecureRandom in JVM. Hitchhiker's Guide

img img …​

img Seven lessons developers can learn from film

JPoint 2015 (20.04.2015)

img Techno-bio-creatures: the code of artificial life

img Dude, where's my memory?!

img Internet banking architecture without Enterprise

img Javassist at the service of a Java developer

img Migrating from PL/SQL to Java

img Catechism java.lang.String

img img Spring Puzzlers - The Beginning

img Packed Objects, Object Layout & Value Types — a Survey

img img Rise of the machines: in an enterprise with 256K RAM

img Not everything, but a lot about what you wanted to know about how to write asynchronous multi-threaded HTTP applications, but were afraid to ask Shipilev

img Continuous profiling of Java applications during operation

img Mom, I really want Hibernate for NoSQL, or whatever you have in mind…​

img img Team development tools

img Best DIY debugger

img Scala development productivity

img img Epic Groovy Puzzlers - Revenge Of The Brackets

img img img img Round table. Refactoring and technical debt

img CompletableFuture is already here

img RESTful services and OAuth protocol in IoT

img Iron meters to guard performance

img img img img Round table. Java developer tools

img Squeeze me completely

img Aspect-oriented solution to classic problems

img We express ourselves regularly

img img img img Round table. The future of the Java platform

img Do we need JMS in the world of modern Java technologies?

img Secrets are in our heads, not in the JVM

img Scala under the hood

img img img img Round table. Highload

JPoint 2014 (18.04.2014)

img Theoretical minimum for understanding Java Memory Model

img Crash dump - «black box» of the fallen JVM

img img Advanced Deployment

img Java multithreading under the hood

img Heap, off you go

img Choosing technologies for an enterprise application

img Java 8: Advanced Stream Techniques

img Akka framework and its use in Yandex

img Sandbox escape. Java zero day vulnerabilities

img Java 8 and JVM: what's new in HotSpot?

img Trade-offs, or How programming languages are designed

img Compiler-level meta programming in Groovy

img Java Benchmarking: how to write two timestamps!

img Spring the Ripper

img img Java Embedded at your home

img Garbage collection, battle of algorithms

img Barefoot Hibernate rake

img Java compiler and IDE: mutually beneficial collaboration

JPoint 2013 (05.04.2013)

img Java Life Story

img What's New in Java 8

img (The Art of) (Java) Performance Benchmarking II

img IntelliJ IDEA from the inside: architecture, performance, development process

img GC: friend or foe?

img JVM bytecode converter for Phantom virtual machine

img Eclipse vs Intellij IDEA

img Type-safe Web with Kotlin

img Quantum Performance Effects

img Closures and Collections — the World After Eight

img Cool!est Cassandra

img Java Memory Model: close encounters of the third kind

img Bulletproof Java Concurrency

img img Dynamic race detection in multi-threaded Java programs

img Java Runtime: daily duties of the Java Virtual Machine

img Exploring JVM Memory optimization capabilities and limitations: one project history

img Type annotations in Java 8. And why it's good