JBreak 2018 (04.03.2018)

img JDK 9, Mission Accomplished: What next for Java?

img Increasing the development effectiveness: the ML hackathon in SberTech

img Advanced client load balancing with Spring Cloud

img ML and Spark MLlib smoothie

img Class data sharing in the HotSpot VM

img Reactive programming with Vert.x

img Side Effect Injection, or The virtuous duct tape

img ML Pipelines at Odnoklassniki

img Graal: how to use the new JVM JIT compiler in real life

img img Spring Boot Starter — how and why?

img IMDG exploitation from Dev and Ops sides

img Create effective tests or create excuses — testing the Java EE way

img Using test generator to stabilize the compiler of Zing VM

img Clustered event sourcing and CQRS with Akka and Java

img Database replication in Hadoop

img Java bytecode verification: when, how, or maybe to turn it off?

img Who's that tweeting about #jbreak?

img How to build a crypto trading platform with Spring 5 and Reactor 3

img On the way to efficient concurrent hash table

img Hadoop exploitation: tips and tricks

JBreak 2017 (04.04.2017)

img Performance: What's In It For You?

img Lifecycle of a JIT compiled code

img The Curse of Spring Test

img Analyzing HotSpot Crashes

img Architectural crossroads

img The Splendors and Miseries of the Distributed Streams

img Code vectorization in JVM

img Compile ahead of time. It's fine?

img Devops: now Java is not slow

img Java inspections in IntelliJ IDEA: What can go wrong?

img How to find deadlock, not hitting it

img More Than You Want to Know about Java's String

img Scalability in distributed in-memory systems

img Shenandoah: The Garbage Collector That Could

img Utility Classes Are Killing Us

img Handling with Spark what Kafka is streaming

img img IMDG/GridGain, industrial application

img Java 9 Modules. Why not OSGi?

img CRDT. Resolve conflicts better than Cassandra

img Full-Text Search Explained

img img Implementation of distributed computing on Apache Ignite

JBreak 2016 (19.03.2016)

img What you need to know about logging to a pragmatic Java programmer

img Hotspot and AOT

img Groovier BDD with Spock

img Unobvious Generics <?>();

img The Lord of the Strings: Two Scours

img New Core-banking of Sberbank group: The future is now

img img IMDG as the main repository - remember everything!

img Practical profiling of Java applications

img Hadoop jungle: a world of wild algorithms and poisonous JVMs

img img Enterprise systems development without EE

img img Load testing of distributed systems - experience, errors, problems

img Distributed Systems in Odnoklassniki

img Java 8 support in Excelsior JET

img Luxoft: what they don't write about on Glassdoor

img Well, the performance of your opensource!

img Vert.x: manual

img img Features of Java implementation on the Elbrus processor

img Stream API: recommendations from the best dog breeders

img HotSpot Intrinsics

img img img Extension of development tools for company needs

img High performance and fault tolerant front-end architecture

img Squeeze me completely

img img Your personal Spring Boot Starter

img A long road in the dunes, or How Liferay lived up to OSGI