HolyJS 2020 Msc (25.11.2020 — 28.11.2020)

img Consensus algorithms and Node.js. Are they even related?

img img WebAuthn: Theory and practice

img React Reconciler: How to write your own renderer

img Workshop: Building a small engine for 2D games in JS using well-known small libraries

img React Reconciler: Extending React features

img Differential Serving. Let’s make your code cleaner and more productive

img The future of JavaScript modules: JS module blocks and native bundling

img Architecting complex JavaScript frontend setups for large scale enterprise projects

img Automatic virtualization of custom layout rendering

img Workshop: Building a small engine for 2D games in JS using well-known small libraries (part 2)

img img Core Web Vitals: Theory and practice

img How to create a multi-platform design system on React

img Refraction of reality: Dynamic validation with static types

img Workshop. New adventures in frontend, 2021 edition

img Postgraphile. GQL API and not a single (almost) line of JS code

img Tough conversations about life in the Program committee

img Comprehending standards notation for JS

img From monolith to microservices and back. How GraphQL redefines central data model software architecture

img Fully zone-less — high-performance Angular applications in post IVY

img Workshop. New adventures in frontend, 2021 edition (part 2)

img Microfrontend revolution, module federation, Webpack 5

img How to develop your banner format using Lamoda as an example

img Stop using a console for components testing

img Mint — programming language for writing single page applications (theory and practice)

img img JS quiz based on "Your game"

img SvelteJS under the hood

img React micro frontends using Kubernetes

img The wonderful world of new Web APIs

img Mint — programming language for writing single page applications (theory and practice) (part 2)

img Interview of Natalia Tepluhina and Nataliya Korotkova with Dan Abramov

img Babel: A refactoring tool

img Modular JavaScript: Dynamic dependency resolution

img Workshop: Stop using a console for UI components testing

HolyJS 2020 SPb (22.06.2020 — 26.06.2020)

img Vue.js: Forms & validations in the composition age

img Speak my language %app%

img You can also be a hero

img Workshop: GraphQL on server-side and client-side. From scratch to prototype (part 1)

img Проще, чем NGINX: Автоматический сетевой роутинг для ваших фронтендов

img Микрофронтенды в проекте Autobahn Platform

img Panel discussion. What kind of animal is this community event, and why are there so many of them?

img img Интервью. Проще, чем NGINX: Автоматический сетевой роутинг для ваших фронтендов

img λ-исчисление. Что это и почему вы уже его знаете?

img What's new in Vue 3 Routing

img Migration from an isomorphic application to a static generator (GatsbyJS) using revolut.com as an example

img How to release open source library in 2020

img Workshop: GraphQL on server-side and client-side. From scratch to prototype (part 2)

img Webpack in the wildlife

img Tempus Fugit: A story of time

img Speed up the application in the mind — let everyone think that everything loads quickly

img All the subtleties of composition and routing when using Relay Modern

img img Сбербанк ID: Подключить за 60 секунд

img img Про цифровую трансформацию и переход на Agile

img Контроль потока серверных обновлений

img No ***s given

img Wasm internals

img Puppeteer can automate that!

img Chronotope: await Eloquent.Errors

img Working with the DOM in JS frameworks

img Wrapping existing REST API in GraphQL (1,000,000 rubles methodology)

img Static Typing: Which language to choose?

img The decisions we make. A personal view of architecture

img Ads get creative

img Вжух! И истории storybook превращаются в тесты

img Panel discussion. Many days in the life of a community event organizer

img Express.js на стероидах

img Internals of the Angular CLI

img Web: The good parts

img Stub backend

img Conditional modules & dynamic bundling, a Netflix original

img Modern backend for frontend on Node.js

img A tale of CSS resets and everything you need to know about them

img Music 101 with JS Bach

img Workshop: Preparing 3D graphics in browser (part 1)

img Интервью: Про соревнования и немного о преподавании

img Разработка пользовательских интерфейсов в Deutsche Bank

img "Vue.js: The Documentary" film premiere

img Внутренний мир компании с абсолютной информационной и финансовой прозрачностью

img Apache Kafka: What is it and how will it change the architecture of your application

img Utility-first CSS: The highs and lows of styling web sites

img The evolution of text rendering on Canvas. About Flash, IE 11, designers and cuneiform

img Workshop: Preparing 3D graphics in browser (part 2)

img Exploring the hidden potential of sound data

img TypeScript reflection

img I want digital signatures on JavaScript

img Workshop: Postgres for frontenders (part 1)

img Поиграем в самое необычное соревнование для программистов. Прямо тут!

img Panel discussion. How to make your first PR in the community event?

img The multi-year quest for the best web test in the west

img Interview and Q&A with David Nolen

img Ate HTML on a dog rendering

img Workshop: Postgres for frontenders (part 2)

HolyJS 2019 Msc (08.11.2019 — 09.11.2019)

img Client rendering, server rendering, pre rendering. The full spectrum of JS website and application performance delivery

img GraphQL fragments on the client: Appearance history, usage errors

img React rendering strategies: Get the most out of performance, keep bots happy

img TC39 Panel

img Transpile anything to everything!

img A story of one performance optimization in a Node.js library

img Get ready for Ivy — Angular 3rd generation renderer engine

img From code to pixels in a Blink

img @babel/how-to

img NestJS. Tried to Shift in 80 hours

img From specification to implementation

img Soft Effect: Skills development research

img What we pay and what we get (PROFIT!) for moving from <div> to WebGL, with PixiJS examples

img Can computer pray for the benefit of all living beings? Praying with JavaScript and WebGL

img Compiler development for TypeScript on TypeScript based on LLVM

img WebAssembly uncut

img End to end testing a world of web, mobile & desktop apps

img CSS definition syntax

img The art of explicit and consistent user interfaces

img img Figma to React: design delivery to code

img JavaScriptCore, many compilers make this engine perform

img Resilient Component Libraries with React

img Contract-based programming as a tool, not a goal

img Computability types tests and why flatearthers are bad at QA

img I'll grab all the data from you and you won’t even know about it. I am a browser extension

img i18n the principles for an accessible web

img JavaScript in service to theoretical computer science

img Conditional modules & dynamic bundling, a Netflix original

img The battle of the event loops

img img The (un)needed Either monad in practice and theory

img Career efficiency and career path in IT

HolyJS 2019 SPb (24.05.2019 — 25.05.2019)

img Deno, a new way to JavaScript

img ApolloClient or Relay with fragments, "hairy" GraphQL and TypeScript — all we need for proper static analysis of a React application

img Error handling: doing it right!

img Stranger testing

img Chrome DevTools protocol

img Scaling a React component library — building a design language for 500+ web applications

img 🚀 PDF printing

img Recursion has never been invented: A tale of intrigue

img Creating accessible alerts, notifications and other asynchronous components

img Identity verification with ML

img How does a frontend router work? Deep dive with Vue Router

img Documenting application behaviours with E2E tests

img An approach to type-safe development in TypeScript

img Promoting open source projects

img Technical SEO 101 for web developers

img Migrate a React application to server-side with Next.js

img img Embedding V8 in the real world

img Modern web testing and automation with Puppeteer

img Graph algorithms

img Google Closure Compiler — how it works and how it can be used in modern front-end

img Processing Data Lake with Node.js in serverless architecture

img MobX and the unique symbiosis of predictability and speed

img How and why I write my own static type checker

img Nice and neat CI/CD: Where and how to start

img The visual future of reactive applications with statecharts

img To ESM is human: Module systems in Node.js

img I built <frankenstein-monster>: 3 stories of migration

img Node.js: Just as fast, higher, stronger with GraalVM

img You can't read this sentence — A11y automation

img MAAS: Mind as a Service

HolyJS 2018 Msc (24.11.2018 — 25.11.2018)

img State management beyond the libraries

img JavaScript ❤ binary data

img Naked truth about files at Web

img Revealing framework fundamentals: NestJS behind the curtain

img Service Worker: Using gathered experience and looking into the future

img Diving deep into webpack

img An introduction to distributed tracing

img Building GraphQL Server

img Paranoid Service Worker

img Bringing mixed reality to the web

img JS battle: How I wrote my own eval()

img Asynchronous zero

img A11Y IRL (Accessibility in real life)

img Surviving death by complexity (*offline only)

img Decentralized web

img Visualising third-party website trackers

img Turn your smartphone into Nintendo Wii-like controller with JavaScript and machine learning

img There is a bluebird in my talk that wants to get out

img What if Picasso was a robot? Teaching art to the machine

img Developing with WebAssembly: pitfalls and examples

img Type systems in a nutshell

img The Universal Serial Web

img Rendering 3D like adults

img 🏁 Final Form: Form state management via Observers

img Microservice architecture

img Accessible charts done right

img Reliable JavaScript: chasing the myth

img State of crypto in Node.js

img Building cross-platform mobile apps with Flutter.io

img Little Data Science for the big front-end

HolyJS 2018 SPb (19.05.2018 — 20.05.2018)

img Solution architecture and JavaScript

img New adventures in frontend, Season 2

img 21-century engineering

img Architecture of React Native for JS developer

img Mining crypto in browser: GPU, WebAssembly, JavaScript and all the good things to try

img Decomposition of the Main Thread in Node.js to increase throughput

img System approach to frontend performance: online measurements

img RxJS: improving performance and memory leaks

img Serverless and React 2 (it's just sleight of hand)

img System approach to frontend performance: offline measurements

img Wallaby.js & Quokka.js. Fast. Wonderful. Qualitatively.

img Web Annotation: the web’s conversation layer


img Generated REST API documentation in Node.js

img img Reservoir dogs, season 2: React vs. Vue

img Acquiring skills

img Tooling for a component library: rethinking

img What JavaScript has for us in 2018?

img 30: too much JavaScript

img Bringing mobile web back to life

img Make frontend "backend" again

img Dirty little tricks from the dark corners of eCommerce

img Working with JavaScript abstract syntax trees

img Evolution of TypeScript: curiouser and curiouser

img Yew — Rust&WebAssembly — frontend framework

img Quantum mechanics of calculations

img Tied to Mongoose: virtuals, nested schemas, discriminators

img Building Alexa Skills with Node.js

img img Porting JS on Elbrus

HolyJS 2017 Msc (10.12.2017 — 11.12.2017)

img The Post JavaScript Apocalypse

img The magic of headless browsers

img Troubleshooting Node.js applications under the hood

img Faster Angular applications

img New Adventures in Responsive Web Design

img Security: Vulnerabilities in your application

img HyperDB — a scalable key-value store

img Architectural sketches: how not to ruin the architecture of your project

img Inter Windows Communication: how to build a client-side RPC

img UI components with pixel shaders, writing your first shader

img Real-world applications of hash functions

img How to fight quantum computer with WebAssembly?

img Testing serverless applications

img Yarn, npm v5, or pnpm — what's better?

img GraphQL - concluding a profitable contract between server and client

img Managing Asynchronicity with RQ

img TypeScript, or Why so complicated

img You Don’t Know Node

img /Reg(exp){2}lained/: Demystifying Regular Expressions

img Unit testing with screenshots: breaking the sound barrier

img Bending time with Schedulers and RxJS 5

img Game "Heroes of Might and Magic" in browser: long, difficult and incredibly interesting

img Animations in a stateful world

img Node.js fatal flaw

img img img img Panel discussion - JS everywhere: a silver bullet or a curse?

img Big Bang Redesign: Smashing Magazine’s 2017 Relaunch, a Case Study

img Let's (--rob--) crawl the internet

img How many frontend developers does it take to create a mobile app?

HolyJS 2017 SPb (02.06.2017 — 03.06.2017)

img React with the speed of light: not quite the usual server rendering

img Forgotten funky functions

img «Strict» JavaScript: typings vs reality

img Numbers

img The Road to a Statically Typed Future

img Down the Rabbit Hole: JavaScript in Wonderland

img The cost of a skipped frame

img 8 1/2 things about serverless (with Node.js)

img Kotlin as a language for frontend development

img Architecture of modern JS-applications: three frameworks, three approaches

img Rendering performance from the ground up

img The inner structure of a webpack bundle

img JS UX: Writing code for humans

img Dependencies in component web done right

img Functional Programming in JS: What? Why? How?

img ES2017 vs Typescript vs Dart. Comparing without emotion

img Goto There and Back Again

img From frameworks to overframeworks

img V8 under the hood

img Why my site lags and how to fix it

img Offline Second

img React Loadable: Code Splitting with Server Side Rendering

img Migrating your existing web app into virtual reality

img Screen mirroring in action

img CSS in JS. Why and how?

img Migrating Pinterest profiles to React

img Make More Than Music with Tiny Computers, JavaScript and MIDI

HolyJS 2016 Msc (11.12.2016)

img ECMAScript: latest and upcoming features

img Approaches to modern web applications

img debugger;

img A circular firing squad: How technologies drag frontend down

img How modern libraries and frameworks work with DOM

img Web applications: fractioning monolith

img Logux, new way to connect client and server

img Offline is the new Black

img 3L3M3NT5

img WebVR is the next frontier

img Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Serverless Chatbots

img Modular CSS

img Handmade remote (dev)tools

img Debugging Node.js in Production

img Building Interactive npm Command Line Modules

img Rich text editing with Draft.js

img Koa and middleware evolution

img Why you should care about Elm?

img The web is mutating

img Sharing files and data with friends using a P2P shared folder powered by javascript

HolyJS 2016 SPb (05.06.2016)

img Keynote: The pursuit of performance: user psychology

img Reactive programming: controlling data streams

img Event-Sourcing your React-Redux applications

img A low-level programming language for in-browser — getting ready to use WebAssembly

img Front-end user data

img JavaScript Device Detection

img img JavaScript Testing Experience: Unit Tests, Bikes, Moki, Pain and Screenshot Comparison

img CSSO: keeping CSS optimized

img JavaScript portals: what is it needed for?

img How I stopped to trust to technologies

img CSS-by-JS, HTML-by-JS, Everything-by-JS — everything is much easier, when it is surrounded by JavaScript

img Easy APIs with GraphQL

img X-ray diagnostics for your data

img Swarm: synchronization of devices

img Angular 2: old hero, new hopes

img Where do JS features come from?

img JS inside PostgreSQL

img The infrastructure of NodeJS distributed applications

img Gradual typing in JavaScript

img Iskra JS: JavaScript inside microcontroller

img Keynote: The JavaScript performance through spyglass