Heisenbug 2021 SPb (06.04.2021 — 09.04.2021)

img Structure and interpretation of test cases

img img Efficient automation of functional testing of microservices on Kotlin

img img Import and analysis of autotests using the library for PyTest in the Test IT test management system

img TestOps: DevOps for testers

img Math behind the movie screen

img img Pitfalls in testing projects with computer vision

img Problems and solutions when testing a heavy enterprise

img Flaky tests. Method

img Workshop: IDE to help the test engineer

img How domain-specific languages can improve software quality

img Workshop: Writing API tests in TypeScript

img img I am a developer. I don't write tests

img Crowdtesting VKontakte

img img What tools would you take for remote work

img Workshop: IDE to help the test engineer (part 2)

img Transformation from Manual QA to Automation

img Workshop: Writing API tests in TypeScript (part 2)

img Workshop: How to start your automation project from scratch. Sequel

img img Testing in data engineering

img A live intro to pytest

img Mobile phone testing — new way. Deep dive into HW stands

img Using asserts in your code

img Data base first for testers

img Workshop: How to start your automation project from scratch. Sequel (part 2)

img Assessing risks in testing using the open source project Drill4j

img img Using SQLancer to test ClickHouse and other database systems

img img Visual checks in End-to-End tests, Or the journey to automate Heroes 3 gaming experience

img Workshop. Birthday selector to inline validation: Everything you need to know about web forms

img JVM profiling in Kubernetes

img "Make it public!" and other things that annoy developers about testability

img img How we built IaaS in testing

img Workshop. Birthday selector to inline validation: Everything you need to know about web forms (part 2)

img img Testing theory — The myph or reality?

img JUnit 5 Parallel test execution. Concept and practice

img Transparent test markup is the key to stable deployment

Heisenbug 2020 Msc (04.11.2020 — 07.11.2020)

img Artificial intelligence and justice: How to catch bugs of the world order?

img Getting into visual testing with Visual Regression Tracker

img Workshop: How to start your automation project from scratch (with God's help and Selenide)

img Workshop: Kick-start performance testing like a pro

img img SberProfi community: Standards and game rules

img How not to run over the stability of digital banking platform with a CD locomotive

img Webtau — ultimate end-to-end testing

img Game server load testing

img Workshop: How to start your automation project from scratch (with God's help and Selenide) (part 2)

img Workshop: Kick-start performance testing like a pro (part 2)

img Test cases-as-code

img Advanced automated visual validation testing

img Workshop: Code coverage on JVM

img Workshop: Exploring WebdriverIO

img The evolution of cucumber tests on a large project

img Automation of non-obvious scenarios using the example of payment cores

img img Mobile application test automation practices

img System testing of RabbitMQ: Tooling + practices + lessons learned

img Workshop: Code coverage on JVM (part 2)

img Workshop: Exploring WebdriverIO (part 2)

img Flaky tests. The order of events

img img Server anti-cheat: Panacea or vestige?

img Workshop: Embedding performance testing in CI

img Workshop: Exploring WebdriverIO (part 3)

img Who the growing testing industry needs

img Using WebComponents with Java on the serverside and how to harden the stack against known Vulnerabilities

img CI/CD automation. Managing a horde of Jenkins jobs

img Workshop: Embedding performance testing in CI (part 2)

img Workshop: Exploring WebdriverIO (part 4)

img Types of automated testing in IntelliJ IDEA

img TMS in an Agile team. Your faithful friend

img img Dinner with the Program committee. Mathematics in testing

img ORM approach to testing microservices

img All markers are different: Heisenbug speakers about their preferences in practices, tools, and what they would like to learn in the future

img The role of testing in the age of AI

Heisenbug 2020 SPb (15.06.2020 — 18.06.2020)

img Don't do this in Android UI autotests

img Vulnerabilities in the implementation of interprocess cooperation in Android applications

img Swagger/OpenAPI Specification as the basis for your acceptance tests

img Component testing of infrastructure

img API autotest checklist with Python examples

img Интервью: Автотесты, Kaspresso, Православие и соборность

img Автоматизация в World of Tanks Blitz

img Интервью: Режем монолит на микросервисы по живому

img img Про СХД за 10 минут

img Test your code as a crime scene

img MICRObe life: Simple steps to ensure quality in the micro frontend system

img Chrome Developer Tools Protocol: Run and scale in Kubernetes

img DataSet Driven Testing

img Custom JUnit5 test engines

img Payment testing in an Android application

img Testing the performance of the client side of React/Redux application using Enzyme

img Horizontally scaling a…​ CI pipeline (The story of)

img Domain-specific language as a way to Complete automation of the testing process in Automotive

img Интервью: Как тестировать кассовый софт

img Применение Page Object и ORM в тестировании микросервисов

img Bug bounty — краудсорсинг багхантинга

img img Интервью: Поговорим об автотестах в банке

img Android Debug Bridge: Zero To Hero

img Playwright: Web testing without drama

img Reactive is awesome…​ But where is the bug?

img Pseudoscientific viruses and their adaptations

img How to cover Order Manager with tests

img img Testing ML products: Don't turn a black box into a black hole

img Programming with Grafana and InfluxDB: Cookbook

img Workshop: Building a test visualization system (part 1)

img Automation of build, tests and deploy

img Автотестовая система Лаборатории Касперского

img img Управление тестовыми данными

img Effective Unit Testing

img How Testid-strategy defeated PageObject and BDD/Cucumber monsters

img Workshop: Building a test visualization system (part 2)

img What we talk about when we talk about unit testing

img Testing Kubernetes operator exemplified by Avito Navigator

img Self-healing test automation 2.0

img Workshop: Explore the possibilities of Postman, or How some tricks will make testing more pleasant and effective (part 1)

img Поиграем в самое необычное соревнование для программистов. Прямо тут!

img Analyze performance for the benefit of ourselves and others

img Enterprise Java testing that sparks joy

img Android functional testing: Scaling the mountain

img Workshop: Explore the possibilities of Postman, or How some tricks will make testing more pleasant and effective (part 2)

Heisenbug 2019 Msc (05.12.2019 — 06.12.2019)

img Will a bot steal your spot in software testing?

img AI and Testing: Tips from the trenches

img Static application security testing with open source tools

img Testing of Kubernetes operator

img Automation of automation department

img Amazon Lumberyard game engine testing: Tools and approaches

img Analytics test automation of mobile application

img Search quality evaluation basics

img Kotlintest and the Order of the Phoenix. What did Kotlin give to the testing world

img There is more in Appium than you think

img IoT project testing. Where is my garbage collector?

img Selenide: Bandersnatch — interactive journey through the roads of the library

img CrashMonkey & Ace: Systematically Testing File-System Crash Consistency

img Designing and building with privacy in mind

img Deep into virtual reality testing

img Solving the problems of Espresso Android autotests in the real world

img Micro frontend automation: how component libraries are tested in Tinkoff

img Make testing Enterprise Java more joyful

img Modern approach to testing iOS localization

img Don't wait for messages, get them: Asynchronous performance testing

img Testing Web Accessibility

img Lincheck. Testing concurrent data structures in Java

img Real mobile applications image optimization

img Autotest coverage visualization

img Kafka: Testing and operation in a limited resource environment

img img Making your microscope for iOS application testing

img We have DevOps. No one was fired. But what to do?!

Heisenbug 2019 SPb (17.05.2019 — 18.05.2019)

img Building evolutionary architectures: Fitness functions

img Modern web testing and automation with Puppeteer

img Vulnerability is a lucky bug

img Tested for business: An open and transparent quality kit

img Move fast and don't break things

img Accelerating Apache JMeter

img Property testing: Strategic automation for devs and SDETs

img img Team testing: How to stop worrying and start getting results

img Got a Kubernetes cluster, but not miner on pods? We're coming for you!

img A systematic approach to building reliable distributed systems

img Testing tests

img Successfully detecting XSS vulnerabilities

img Continuous static code analysis

img Changing your organization's testing culture

img img Payments testing: How to avoid space mission to check a bulb

img jQAssistant: Treat your code as a graph

img Testing the internet of elevators

img Pandora: Writing load scenarios in Go

img Recon techniques in 2k19

img Utilizing component testing for ultra fast builds

img Model-driven testing: A property-based approach to end-to-end testing

img How one drop of JavaScript might not infect the whole tun of your tests?

img Microservice wars: JUnit episode V — TestContainers strikes back

img Wrong request

img Test automation in the modern mobile world

img Load testing of MegaFon's Single Convergent Billing

img Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Common ground between testing and data science

Heisenbug 2018 Msc (06.12.2018 — 07.12.2018)

img We've got DevOps. Let's fire all testers

img Project needs refactoring? Here's the IDEA!

img How we wrote the Sealant framework to look for memory leaks in JS

img img Let's go and write our own Selenoid Mesos framework!

img Specific aspects of interface visual testing

img It's just too slow: Mobile application performance testing

img Java project with Reactor — what about tests?

img Selenium WebDriver development challenges

img How to build "Automation Test as a Service" for large-scale e-commerce website in eBay

img Managing the Selenoid cluster with the help of Terraform

img How to build load testing system from scratch and improve it

img Flying start into contract testing

img One thousand and one UI bugs, or how to teach developers to avoid common mistakes in UI

img Epic fails of the device manufacturers

img Rediscover exploratory testing

img Kotlin Tooling QA — testing tools around the programming language

img Elegant integration testing of microservice pandemonium using TestContainers and JUnit 5 through the example of global SMS platform

img Voyeurism of the tester, or How observing users can help you

img Finding security issues in open source

img Testing systems with external dependencies: problems, solutions, Mountebank

img Spot 10 differences, or how and why you should test page layout

img Public blockchains: What could possibly go wrong?

img Profiling own code for end-to-end tests for mobile applications

img Unit tests — from theory to practice

img Testing and crying with Spring Boot Test

img Artificial intelligence for testing in Candy Crush Saga

img What static analyzers can do while developers and testers can't

img Leveling up mobile autotests

img The joy of testing in production

img Testing to extremes: Dirty little tricks from the dark corners of mobile UIs

Heisenbug 2018 SPb (17.05.2018 — 18.05.2018)

img Shipping is a risky business

img Testing with a crowd

img Evolution of mobile test automation at Badoo: from 0 to 45 hours of tests

img Building CI for mobile SDK from scratch

img Petri nets based testing

img JUnit, high five! Migrating to JUnit 5 Extensions

img How to improve CI/CD pipeline for mobile test automation

img Don’t repeat yourself: UI tests for web, iOS and Android simultaneously

img Automated testing of legacy code: methods of safe refactoring

img Test your Java applications with Spock

img 10 000 000 of tests a day

img Auxiliary approaches in the testing of microservices

img Android Test Driven Development: from writing testable code to multiple devices automation

img The logic of verification

img Issues and solutions of blockchain testing using Waves platform as an example

img How to build a testing pyramid

img Remote iOS device server: scaling iOS testing

img img Are there autotests in mobile video games?

img Still generating your report? We're coming for you!

img Enterprise Automation with Selenium and why it has very little to do with Selenium

img Fuzz testing: finding bugs in JIT compiler and much more

img Testing to the last: smart responsive interface design patterns

img Atlas is your new PageObject guide

img Configuration testing for Java developers: a case study

img Web security testing starter kit

img Testing in the modular world

img Static code analysis systems: lost in choices

img VK beta testing

img Kotlin DSL: theory and practice

img EqualsVerifier, ErrorProne and all the others

img Testers as their own worst enemies

Heisenbug 2017 Msc (08.12.2017 — 09.12.2017)

img Pandora's white box

img How to build your own test automation framework?

img TestContainers: Docker, Docker, Docker… and tests

img Testing Tools

img img Selenide Puzzlers

img Scaling Selenium

img Performance testing of web applications at browser side (JavaScript, rendering)

img img img img img Panel discussion – What does a tester need to know in 2018?

img Staging and differential testing for regression testing

img How to check a system without running it

img Automate the impossible: blending the best of Android drivers

img How to run a lot of parallel UI tests using Selenium Grid?

img The (Ab)use and misuse of test automation

img Does the search work in your application?

img img Geolocation testing at Badoo: mistakes, hidden pitfalls, hacks and a selfie stick

img Testers' classification from a developer point of view

img Simplicity, credibility, control — three pillars of web testing

img Your A/B tests are broken

img Mobile automation testing by native frameworks

img Developer + tester = quality++

img Loading time testing and results visualisation of web games

img BDD’s rose-colored approach

img Building your own test framework with Jenkins Pipeline and libraries

img Testing a nuclear power plant

img How to inform users if "Oops, something went wrong"

img Developing and testing with Google

img img Testing phones with Arduino

img Selenoid: an easy and quick setup for hundreds of parallel tests

img Flaky tests

img img img img img Panel discussion – Testing performance and searching for bottlenecks

img Autotests in World of Tanks: bots as guards of quality

img Truths about technical testing

Heisenbug 2017 SPb (04.06.2017)

img Think Bigger – How to Truly Become World-Class in Testing

img How to improve your autotests: black magic performance

img Front-end data mocks: making them effective and desired

img JUnit 5 — The New Testing Framework for Java and Platform for the JVM

img Learning to analyse performance reports

img Appium: The Language of Automation

img Writing Selenium tests in JS for Angular testing: benefits and pitfalls

img Wash your hands before you eat, or Sanitizers in testing

img Code generation as a way to solve some of the automator problems

img Java → Kotlin: Tests Made Simple

img Testing in Data World

img Finding the best way to test your system

img img BDD Girls Battle: Cucumber vs. JBehave

img Allure 2: new gen test report tool

img Security testing at a scale

img Patching Facebook WDA and Inspector. Functional, automated testing iOS

img Design patterns in test automation

Heisenbug 2016 Msc (10.12.2016)

img No Such Thing as Manual Testing and Other Confusions

img Testing: from bad code to the best practices

img img Full-Cycle Testing of Dockerized Microservices

img Appium: Automation for Apps

img Test Automation: Do the Same but Better

img Performance testing pitfalls

img img QA Battle: PageObjects with (JDI) vs. without (Selenide) typisation

img Distributed performance testing — full stack automation

img Randomized testing

img img Testing Juno Android app with ❤️: CI, Unit, Integration & Functional (UI) tests. 100% Kotlin, 90%+ RxJava, Spek, JUnit, DSL for UI tests

img “Good” & "Baaaaad" versions of run Selenium WebDriver tests in parallel

img Testing with input data analysis: testing API with dynamically generated data

img Hero’s Journey to Perfect System Tests — Eight Assessment Criteria for Tests’ Architecture Design

img Testing Distributed Systems

img Enterprise Challenges of Test Data

img How to make automated test bots play games?

img Combining manual and automated testing: process and tools

img Simply about not simple in DBMS testing on the example of PostgreSQL

img ChromeDriver Jailbreak

img Stupid Metrics Tricks and How to Avoid Them