DotNext 2020 Msc (02.12.2020 — 05.12.2020)

img Interview and QA with Miguel de Icaza

img Building and generating a .NET client for a large API

img Source Generators in action

img Workshop: Tuning services to deal with latency and errors

img Community development and open source in corporate development

img img img Interview. What does it mean to be a speaker on DotNext?

img When and how to use the actor model: An introduction to Akka.NET actors

img Nullability in C#

img Making zero allocation code using the example of optimizing a large library

img Workshop: Tuning services to deal with latency and errors (part 2)

img What's new in the .NET 5 GC?

img DDD, love, F#

img img Porting a 11-year-old Windows application to Linux

img Workshop: Refactoring the domain model

img What technologies you should focus on to stay in the profession for a long time

img How the JIT compiler works in CoreCLR

img Data-oriented design for business applications

img Deep down in Blazor authentication and authorization

img Workshop: Refactoring the domain model (part 2)

img JetBrains Rider build infrastructure

img Domain-driven design distilled

img Clean architecture in practice

img Workshop: Investigating memory leaks in .NET with WinDBG

img How our communities work

img What’s new in C# 9.0 and beyond

img Tips & tricks to improve your .NET build setup with MSBuild

img Event sourcing in a long run

img Workshop: Investigating memory leaks in .NET with WinDBG (part 2)

img img Panel debate: Akka or Orleans? Ask their architects!

img Patterns of distributed systems in the traditions of Russia's northern indigenous and minority peoples

img Workshop: Real-life event sourcing

img Mobius — writing your own .NET runtime running on .NET Core

img img img img img img What? Where? When? with DotNetRu

img How to easily measure CPU performance and allocation patterns with a few lines of C#

img Discovering .NET 5

img Workshop: Real-life event sourcing (part 2)

DotNext 2020 SPb (15.06.2020 — 18.06.2020)

img Dates and times: Hard, but not impossible

img Building intelligent .NET apps with Azure cognitive services

img Running .NET Core performance investigation on Linux

img Separation of responsibilities between CPU cores

img Поиграем в самое необычное соревнование для программистов. Прямо тут!

img Общие библиотеки в корпоративной разработке

img Visual Studio 2019 .NET productivity

img Raw TCP/IP socket communication

img Why databases are crying at the night

img Transpiling WebAssembly modules into .NET assemblies

img Let's talk about performance analysis

img Living in eventually consistent reality

img gRPC and its .NET Core implementation

img Panel discussion. Books, courses and other hobbies of DotNext speakers

img Обзор новых возможностей PVS-Studio для C#

img Асинхронная валидация в домене

img Versioning, and how it makes our heads hurt

img Log in Azure (and without any Cosmos)

img Building an educational game with .NET Core and Unity

img A long way to hundreds of thousands of RPS

img .NET Science Art: How cloud technologies and .NET help to create interactive art exhibits

img The AR Cloud is real — building cross-platform AR experiences with Azure Spatial Anchors

img Typeclasses in C#

img Metrics are fine, but why is it so painful?

img Primitives of synchronization and their quantum graph

img Примеры интересных багов, обнаруженных с помощью PVS-Studio

img img Интервью: Использование .NET в банке и борьба с legacy

img Релизный цикл одним ботом

img Интервью: Как в Контуре адаптируют новичков

img Power your .NET Core 3 application with the new generation of diagnostics

img Practical F# or functional programming for enterprise

img What’s new in .NET Core 3.x and .NET 5 for performance?

img Panel discussion. .NET and technologies NOT from Microsoft

img The art of code

img Dapr for building distributed .NET Core applications

img Using SIMD in .NET Core

img Интервью: Поговорим о статическом анализаторе кода

img Overview of .NET

DotNext 2019 Msc (06.11.2019 — 07.11.2019)

img Platform Wars

img Asynchronous streams

img Code Review — the art of development

img Hot chocolate: An introduction to GraphQL on ASP.Net Core

img Splendour and misery of the domain area

img Machine learning for C# developers: Introducing ML.NET

img Beating CoreCLR's own C++ code with CoreCLR 3.0 intrinsics

img What you need to know about .NET Core 3.0 and beyond

img Pragmatic memory management

img Roslyn: Mastership of state analysis

img .NET: Treating the dependences

img The Turkish gambit. Business application in half an hour

img Bring your ASP.NET Core solutions to Kubernetes in Azure

img Fantastic biotechnologies and where to find them

img Everything .NET developer wanted to find out about deep learning, but was afraid to ask

img From ETW to EventPipe: dig into .NET monitoring pipelines for healthier applications

img Create your own serverless PKI with .NET & Azure Key Vault

img .NET 5: runtimes

img Mutation analysis

img The debugging mindset

img Metaprogramming for the masses

img Nullable reference types — advanced guide

img How to collect the entire database into a file and why we use the Akka.NET Streams library

img An in-depth look at the new features in C# 8.0 and .NET Core 3.0

img Introduction to Event sourcing

img Daily performance pitfalls

img Writing a .NET Core cross platform profiler in an hour

img Distributed tracing in .NET

img img vvvv — visual programming for .NET

img The power of composition

DotNext 2019 SPb (15.05.2019 — 16.05.2019)

img ASP.NET Core 3.0: State of the art

img Deserialization vulns: past, present, and future

img How to get a grip on your microservices system using a service mesh

img Successfully decomposing your monolith

img Building your own profiling and diagnosis tools with Event Tracing for Windows

img Quantum computing with Q# language

img Async programming in .NET: Best practices

img ASP.NET Blazor programming 101

img Cross-procedural data-flow analysis

img Multithreading in .NET: When performance is lacking

img The future of .NET desktop development

img How I built Rockstar: Parsing esoteric languages with .NET

img DDD in microservices: Complexity vs complexity

img API gateway made easy with Ocelot and containers

img Animals written correctly

img What's new in C# 8

img Open source software foundations: not totally boring, actually super awesome

img Raspberry PI and .NET Core on Linux: the fast track to IoT

img img Debugging asynchronous scenarios in .NET

img Why your architecture is functional and how to deal with it

img How to do in-app chaos testing

img I don't feel so well… Integrating health checks in your .NET Core solutions

img Cross-platform object-oriented interaction between C# and C++

img UI architectures: From imperative to functional through MVVM

img Yield at me, 'cause I'm awaiting: Async streams in C# 8

img Writing a custom, real-world .NET GC

img Serverless under the hood

img Pitfalls of relational DB access in .NET: rethinking micro-ORMs

img img Life after business objects

img NUKE — a modern build system for C#/.NET

img The cost of code

DotNext 2018 Msc (22.11.2018 — 23.11.2018)

img Generics

img When to use Test Last, Test First, and TDD

img Using Tarantool in .NET projects

img .NET Core 2.1: Intrinsics and other micro-optimizations

img Help all the humans: Why in the world would you invent your own chat bot platform

img So you want to create your own .NET runtime?

img Modern web development with SAFE-Stack

img Building integration test environment using Docker containers

img Implementing IQueryProvider

img From monolith to microservices: history and practice

img ASP.NET Core multi-tenant architecture: Challenges and solutions

img Creating airplane mode proof Xamarin applications

img Boosting memory management in interoperability scenarios

img Domain-driven design: pragmatic approach

img Yield and async-await: internals and uses

img Pragmatic unit testing

img Make your custom .NET GC — "whys" and "hows"

img Instant design

img Windows 10 internals for .NET developers

img Extend the new WinDbg to build your own dream debugging tool

img FAKE + Paket — PowerTools for .NET developers

img Behind the burst compiler, converting .NET IL to highly optimized native code by using LLVM

img ValueTask: what and why

img Building responsive and scalable applications

img Life of actors in clusters: why, when and how

img System metrics: learning to avoid pitfalls

img Surviving under load: fault-tolerant server, smart client

img Dodo IS performance architecture

img Building your own debugging toolbox with ClrMD

img Ctrl-Alt-Del: learning to love legacy code

DotNext 2018 SPb (22.04.2018 — 23.04.2018)

img Apps, algorithms and abstractions: decoding our digital world

img Fastware

img Building SSO using Identity Server 4.0 (.NET Core 2.0)

img Explore the Cosmos (DB) with .NET Core 2.0

img How containers work

img Debugging as a process

img A "bulletproof" pizza store

img Distributed transactions are dead, long live distributed transactions!

img C# in browser: the new frontier

img Bot-Tender: a .NET chatbot walks into a bar

img Write your own C# static code analysis tool to drive business rules

img Lightweight microservice collaboration using HTTP

img Using AOT compilation the right way

img Concurrent data structures in .NET: how does it work?

img What is going on? Application diagnostics using the cloud

img Expression trees for enterprise developers

img 12-factor apps in .NET Core

img Programming quantum computers in .NET using Microsoft Q#

img Microservice interaction with HTTP/2

img Finding your service boundaries — a practical guide

img Pitfalls of high-level cryptography

img img Advanced .NET debugging techniques from a real world investigation

img Building real world production-ready web APIs with .NET Core

img Natural language processing in .NET

img Scratched metal

img ASP.NET Core and Docker — transition difficulties

img Reactive Extensions (Rx) 101

img Building microservices with .NET Core and Docker

img .NET via exceptions

img Xamarin: harmfully useful

img Astronautics' promising technologies

DotNext 2017 Msc (12.11.2017 — 13.11.2017)

img Let's talk about performance testing

img Conquering injections

img Serverless compute with .NET based Azure Functions

img Self-aware applications: automatic production monitoring

img From dependency injection to dependency rejection

img The nuances of Mono applications debugging

img Functional Programming for C# developers

img .NET Core Networking stack and Performance

img ASP.NET Core: Preventing attacks 2.0

img The Metrix has you…​

img Artificial intelligence and neural networks for .NET developers

img Approaches for application request throttling

img Akka Streams for mere mortals

img I have a microservices architecture and I didn't know

img Memory model .NET

img Debugging and Profiling .NET Core Apps on Linux

img TDD upside down

img Apache Kafka and reactive microservices with .NET Core

img Patterns for high-performance C#: from algorithm optimization to low-level techniques

img Back to the future — building effective cloud services using Orleans

img Challenges of Managing CoreFX repo

img Runtime code generation techniques in real life scenarios

img Continuous deployment of .NET Core applications and infrastructure in Linux environment

img NUKE: Build automation for C# developers

img Life, liberty and the pursuit of APIness: the secret to happy code

img Mono + .NET Core = ❤️

img Fight: .NET Core vs. Java

img Type providers: painless and simple

img NServiceBus or MassTransit? .NET ServiceBus frameworks compared

img img img img img img Panel Discussion - Profiling and optimization

img Unchain my heart

DotNext 2017 SPb (19.05.2017 — 20.05.2017)

img Back to basics: the mess we've made of our fundamental data types

img Under the Hood of the ASP .NET Core Security

img Shifting gears for .NET: Moving to containers for .NET developers

img Integrating .NET and Java virtual machines

img What is .NET Standard?

img Containerised ASP.NET Core apps with Docker and Kubernetes

img 5 commandments of PDB

img Automate Your Dumps

img HoloLens and Xbox One – new frontier for .Net developers

img NuGet beyond Hello World

img JetBrains Rider IDE: personal effectiveness skills for .NET-programmers

img Authentication and Authorization in ASP.NET Core

img ASP.NET Core apps on Linux in production

img Democratizing AI on .NET Platform: from chat-bots and cognitive services to deep learning

img Building code analysis tools with the .NET Compiler Platform (Roslyn)

img The Performance Investigator's Field Guide

img The changing state of immutability C#

img AOP via .NET

img Profiling .NET Core Applications on Linux

img Entity Framework Core: Is It Ready Yet?

img Learn to cook MSBuild

img AvaloniaUI — the first XAML UI-framework with .NET Core Support

img Let's talk about memory

img Typed or dynamic API? Both!

img My awesome journey with Open Source

img Interprocess communications: reasons and approaches

img Real World REST and Hands-On Hypermedia

img Xamarin.Forms — specifics of cross-platform mobile development on C#

img The collective responsibility problem

DotNext 2016 Msc (09.12.2016)

img ASP.NET State of the Art

img Overview of the new .NET Core and .NET Platform Standard

img Performance gone wild: when 100,000 req/sec isn't where you stop…​

img WinDbg Superpowers for .NET Developers

img Intelligent Chatbots and Cognitive Services

img C++ via C#

img Multithreading Deep Dive

img Stack Overflow — It's all about performance!

img Myths about safety of C# code

img ETW — Monitor Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

img My life with actors: implementing actor model in F#

img Stranger Things: Vulnerabilities in .NET Platform

img Typescript for C# Programmers

img Let's continue to talk about arithmetics

img End-to-end JIT

img Exceptional Exceptions in .NET

img How to create XAML application without Message Bus

img Performance tuning Stack Overflow tags

img C# Scripting — why and how you can use your C# in places you never thought of before?

img Modification of .NET code during runtime

img F# for the glory of Data Science

img ASP.NET SignalR: Why It's Getting Really Crucial for Web Development

img Squeezing the Hardware to Make Performance Juice

img Building stuff is a piece of Cake (C# Make)

img Date and Time Pitfalls

img What's new in C# 7?

DotNext 2016 Helsinki (07.12.2016)

img ASP.NET State of the Art

img Overview of the new .NET Core and .NET Platform Standard

img HoloLens and Xbox One — new frontier for .NET developers

img Let's talk about microbenchmarking

img Integrating Cognitive services to your Xamarin app

img Automate design patterns with PostSharp and aspect-oriented programming

img Stack Overflow — It's all about performance!

DotNext 2016 SPb (03.06.2016)

img How many lives does .NET have: thoughts on the fate of the beloved platform, Silverlight death, and suchlike

img What is new in ASP.NET Core?

img Beyond the dynamic prototyping

img Rider — new .NET IDE cross-platform by JetBrains: What is it and how does it works?

img Setting ReSharper for using it by a team

img ASP.NET Core 1.0: Challenges and Opportunities

img Talk about dynamic code generation, or “The Dark Side of IL”

img Reactive multi-process interaction: JetBrains Rider Framework

img PerfView: Measure and Improve Your App's Performance For Free

img Code generation for optimization

img Game development on Microsoft platform: Technology overview

img Let’s talk about arithmetics

img Building fast and efficient SPA with ASP.NET Core

img Not all the static analyzers are equally useful

img .NET Core: Performance Storm

img Docker is on duty of .NET development team

img How to tame reactive programming in XAML applications

img From zero to hero with running your ASP.NET Core 1 application in a Docker container

img The C++ and CLR Memory Models

img The diagnosing of WCF

img Practical examples of microservices' creation

img Machine learning on .NET platform

img ETW for .NET developers

DotNext 2015 Msk (11.12.2015)

img DDD: Where’s the Value and What’s in It for Me?

img Let's continue to talk about arithmetics microoptimizations in .NET applications

img Introductory course in bot science

img New hardware and API platforms available for UWP

img Lightweight cross-platform Web-server based on .NET Framework

img Hands-on Experience: What It Means to Design a Domain Model

img The Vector in Your CPU: Exploiting SIMD for Superscalar Performance

img Entity Framework 7.0

img Xamarin.Forms: Strengths and weaknesses

img img Modern trends in programming languages. .NET and Java ecosystems

img Static analysis as hygiene code

img Pitfalls of System.Security.Cryptography

img How to use DLR

img Atomic operations and primitives in .NET

img HTTP/2 – What do I need to know?

img Structured logging

img Native code: Managing unmanageable

img .NET 2015: The future is near

img .NET Generics under the hood and a JITter bug for dessert

img Automating Problem Analysis and Triage

img Design and evolution of C# as an example of properties

img WinDbg in the hands of .NET Developer

img Functional programming in F# in processing of big data and machine learning

img What is new in ReSharper 10?

img How to move on ASP.NET MVC 6

img The Silver Bullet Syndrome

DotNext 2015 SPb (05.06.2015)

img The Courage of Knowing Things (and not being a geek)

img Tales of premature optimization

img In the wake of BUILD 2015 - .NET platform today and tomorrow

img Roslyn API: SyntaxTree vs. CodeDom, SemanticTree vs. Reflection

img Let's talk about micro-optimizations for .NET applications

img Technical review of .NET News

img Roslyn: use in a large project using CodeRush as an example

img Code generation: What, How, Why

img Universal apps for Windows 10

img Extremely simple AppSec .NET practice

img Common Scalability Practices that Just Work

img Development of enterprise applications using the MVVM approach. Efficiency + Cross-platform

img Work with large volumes of data in .NET

img ReSharper vs. Roslyn

img Writing scalable and sometimes distributed systems with Akka.NET

img img img img img Round table. Does St. Petersburg need a .NET User Group?

img 7 habits of highly effective programmers or how to stop debuting and start benefiting

img Development for .NET for the Web. No mouse. No UI. Without Windows.

img img img img img Round table. .NET application performance optimization

img Unit testing memory

img F# magic for data processing: monads, type providers, and a bit of machine learning

img img img img Round table. .NET cross-platform development

DotNext 2014 Msk (08.12.2014)

img Challenges, Pains and Points of Software Development Today

img What and how to protect in a .NET application

img How to work with external devices and smartphone hardware on Windows Phone

img Fast business intelligence with DevExpress Dashboard

img What's new in ReSharper 9?

img Functional reactive programming in F#

img FitNesse in development

img ReSharper from the inside: multithreading, data structures, memory traffic

img Using Linux as a platform for server-side .NET applications

img Entity Framework 7 + Redis/AzureTableStore

img C# 6.0 review

img Principles of building multi-threaded desktop .NET applications using ReSharper as an example

img Code refactoring using PostSharp

img Talk about different versions of .NET

img What are the disadvantages of DSL, and how to solve the same problems using C# metaprogramming

img True story of using SQL Server Change Data Capture

img ASP.NET vNext: What it means to you and what it means to Microsoft

img How the CLR works and how to make it work differently

img Mocks, Stubs & Rock'n'roll: supported tests with AutoFixture

img Memory & Performance. Tips & Tricks

img Async/await: collecting a rake

img Effective use of DLR

DotNext 2014 SPb (04.04.2014)

img Programming at the speed of thought

img Memory management and internal CLR mechanisms

img Dependency management system in JetBrains .NET products

img The main technical news from the BUILD conference - what do the Windows Store and Windows Phone application developers need to know?

img Optimization of .NET-applications on the example of ReSharper

img Integration of ASP.NET MVC applications for online trading with Yandex.Market

img Nitra - framework for creating extensible programming languages

img Acceptance Testing Automation for .NET Applications with Fitnesse and TeamCity

img Feature Branches vs. Continuous Integration, or How to cross a hedgehog with a snake

img Connected Car service on Microsoft stack

img “Something with my memory has become …​”

img Cross-platform development in C#/.NET with the Xamarin platform

img TDD in MVVM-based UI application - recipes from life

img Building a WCF service based on the Windows Workflow Foundation